Jsport by Jambu Finch Men's lace up

Jsport by Jambu Finch Men's lace up

Are these supposed to be like Allbirds?


How do you convert the sizing?


No kidding! The sizing chart has four columns, none of which remotely resemble the WTF size options in the pull-down menu. Someone failed to copy-edit this posting.


It looks like it’s US sizes, with leading 0s for sizes < 10, and missing the decimal point between the 2nd & 3rd digits. They use US sizing on the Jambu site and the 8 & 11.5 are unavailable over there as well. So as of the time of this comment, Woot has 8.5-11 in half-size increments, and then 12 and 13. For $10, I’m in for a pair!

These make great house shoes and dry quickly. The soles do love to collect any and all pieces of dirt, so I got out an old toothbrush and started scrubbing. All was fine until I realized the shoe was now soaked. So I let them dry and good as new. Great shoes.

I ordered a pair of these last time - a very comfortable shoe at a really good price. The description is a little misleading as these are not especially for colder weather. I live in Florida and they are very comfortable in the heat. Nice memory foam insole and the size runs true. The sole is just a little slick at first and definitely wants to show the dirt (but what white-sole shoe doesn’t?). Overall, more than worth the price!

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OK, like everyone else is saying, the sizes make NO sense. Read the description and it also says each box contains “one(1)” shoe. Never seen a shoe not sold in pairs before - at least not in my 55 years.

Was someone half-sleeping when they made this listing?

I wear a size 12 wide. Would a size 13 in these be a better fit than a size 12 since these only come in medium?


Yeah these look exactly like Allbirds. I wonder if someone got a “cease and desist” letter and is clearing stock now?

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Sorry for the weird size choices. We’re working on updating them.

In the meantime:

060M = 6 Medium Width
065M = 6.5 Medium Width

and so on.

And yes, it’s a pair of shoes.


I don’t know how good a pair of $10 shoes can be but your review convinced me to try them out.

Allbird I think got the idea from a S Korea shoe and there is a merino wool shoe called Merinos that look just like Allbirds but have a cuddly/flffy sheep for a logo. https://merinoshoes.com

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In for 2 pair. Of course the half-sizes stop at 10.5, so I’m having to get 12s. I hope they fit.

I got these last time, very comfortable. I haven’t worn them much because they are very slippery. I’m hoping it gets better like the commenter said above

I did grab 2 pairs for myself and the wife. Curious what the fabric is? Are these wool, or plastic?

Yep, wool.


Sweet thanks!

Ordered on June 1st, and it’s the 6th, still hasn’t shipped. That’s over 2-3 business days.

same here - Preparing For Shipment

Ships in 2-3 business days