Jsport by Jambu Finch Men's Lace Up

Jsport by Jambu Finch Men's Lace Up

Bought a pair of these last time, to see if they were any good.

They were so good I’ve now ordered three more pair! Comfortable, easy-wearing, and they look nice. Can’t ask for more, especially at this price!

Anyone know if these shoes fit true to size?

Their website says to “order the size that normally fits you best.” Not sure if that helps you any. Also curious to how they compare to adidas ultraboost sizes

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Bought 2 pair of these last time — even though I never buy shoes online because they never fit — because the price was too good to pass up. I’m wearing them now (they’re my “house shoes”), and I’m seriously considering buying more. I already bought one more pair tonight for my dad’s birthday.

They’re comfy, and @ ahpho, they’re true-to-size (I’m an 11.5, so had to get a 12, and they’re just a tad long), and while they’re definitely not worth the MSRP, they’re a steal at $10.

EDIT: Oh, and when you first get them, the bottoms are slippery as all get-out! I mean, I could literally slide across a tile floor like I was in socks. After a few days, the “teflon effect” seems to have worn away.

EDIT 2: Well, I pulled the trigger on two more pair. I’m pretty much set for “house shoes” for the next 10-15 years.

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They’re true-to-size for me. I’m an 11.5, so had to get a 12, and they’re just a tad long.

So Allbirds knockoffs…

Why don’t they tell us the width? I have to wear wide.

These are not a wide shoe, they fit true to size for standard width. If you need a wide shoe, these are not the right pair for you.


Just went to checkout and see $6 shipping and handling, though signed in with Prime. Usually don’t see this charge. Am I missing something?

I’m seeing the same thing. Also, when I click the button to place my order, it starts to load then… nothing.

Actually, check again. Right after my last post, I went to my cart again and everything was showing up as it should and it let me place my order.

Yes… as in knocked off 90% of the purchase price

I’m having this issue too, but can’t get it to resolve properly…

I am also having this issue. Have tired using the app and the website. Both places try to charge shipping while using amazon prime account and it won’t actually let me complete the order.

Same here. But it’s fine if a computer drives a car and flys a plane…

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Same here

Hi all. I’m jostling the devs now to see why shipping isn’t coming up as free.

Not sure if this will work for anyone else but I noticed right after I signed in to comment in this discussion I went strait back to my cart and it had things priced correctly in the cart and allowed me to check out.

You lost two sales from me today. I tried to order the swimming pool on the app and the Jambu shoes on my computer. In both cases even after logging in as an Amazon Prime member I was charged $6.00 for shipping at checkout. Please fix this. Thank you.