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Will the smaller bag be large enough for a Macbook Pro 13? The specs seem to be a carry over of the larger bag. I doubt the smaller will still contain a 17"…Thanks

From Amazon review:

I have a 17" MacBook Pro and was so excited when I found this laptop bag online. I’ve found very few stylish bags that will hold a laptop of this size. Most only hold a 15" laptop. The description said it holds most 17" laptops but when I got the bag, the laptop wouldn’t fit. Completely bummed that I had to return it. But for those of you with a smaller laptop, the quality and design of the bag was really nice.

Another review:

I bought this bag for my 15.6" Gateway laptop. It JUST fits it–it’s just a little tight sliding it in, but it’s a great bag, for the most part very practically designed.

I wonder what color the internal material is… The video shows a pink material for this item.

After all, nothing says “this person’s serious” like a pink filled leather bag.

If its black then I can use it. However if it is pink, I feel it may be for a different demographic.

Which bag are you looking at? I can certainly find out if you let me know which one you’re interested in.

So, are they leather or polyurethane? Title says leather,
specs say polyurethane. Kinnnnd of a big difference.

You know that thing where commas make a difference. Well, in this case, the company’s name of the product could have been a bit better.

The product is Giga Be made with “Earth Leather”, not Giga Be Earth “Leather”.

That’s why we added the materials to the specs - to be on the up-n-up.

Hope that helps.

I just received the black leather laptop bag, and yes, that is super hot pink inside…I personally LOVE IT.