Ju-Ju-Be Accessories

17" MacBook Pro does not actually fit. It does technically fit inside the bag (tightly). But do to the opening being much smaller on the front, it is nearly impossible to get the laptop in/out of the bag. Do not buy for a 17" laptop!

Would a Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet fit in the Micra Be? (The specs say 10.9 x 6.9 inches)

i love mine, very stylish, however it has one problem. the strap is lined with a satin type material and it is very slippery and does not stay on my shoulder.
Yes it does have a narrow slide-able shoulder thing (not sure what it’s called) but that doesn’t seem to help…

I really like mine and have gotten compliments on it. I super-reviewed it on the last side sale but the laptop case is large enough for my 15" laptop plus a few files. There is no laptop pocket, so the computer is “loose” in there, which could be a concern. The front organizer pocket is roomy enough for me.