Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker - 2 Pack


Very slick deal in my opinion…

On Amazon.com, ONE coffee maker goes for $60+shipping.

Great, you get the coffee makers, but you do not get the coffee pods that work in them. This seems really useful. Can you even get the pods for these, and if so, where?

"7 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
1.0 out of 5 stars Juan Valdez One Cup Coffee Maker, December 28, 2005
By Mark Scofield (Grand Valley, CO) - See all my reviews
I purchased my machine at Target on clearance for $15. It was still NOT a bargain. The cover never sat right, water spewed out the side, and the pods/receptacle are smaller than most others so you’re kind of locked in to purchasing JV coffee pods. Melitta pods are another fit, but they’re very proud ($$$$) of their product.

At this writing my husband has taken it apart, glued the plastic cover hinge that broke, and if it doesn’t work - we don’t have much hope - it will go in the trash. I’d rather have Juan’s burro than his coffee maker."


Pretty funny that the map shows Washington State buying the most of these…(Home of Starbucks Coffee)…with the 600 stores closing, I guess wooters will have to brew their own…

server test maybe??

anyway, what brilliant marketing. Put all those coffee pods in the BOC in april & just when people are thinking they should prolly throw them out now, BOOM, here’a a coffee maker to go with them.

brilliant, I say

Anyone know if this will work with the case of 18 boxes of coffee pods that were sold back in May? I still have mine in my pantry and need a coffee maker that uses pods. If so, I will definitely buy this.

Looks like a good deal to me. Are the pods easy to find? Looks like they take Melitta, but others work too.

This was useful…and funny. Thanks!

Maybe these will be good for a dorm?

juan valdez…que columbiano tan loco…hehe…reminds me of that scene from “Bruce Almighty”…haha :slight_smile:

Or the coffee. To go into my REAL coffee maker.

Sweet! I can finally put my boc crate of coffee pods to use.
Has anyone succeeded in using them in a non-pod coffee maker? I’m tempted to just dump em into my regular coffee maker and save a few bucks.

Amazon reviews

As i posted before…

My friend and I(had) both have these… My friend still has it complains but she got it cheap.

I however tossed mine out… They absoultly are horiable…

Juan Valdez JVPM1W Pod Coffee Brewing System with 90 Free Coffee Pods
$84.99 on amazon for 1 (but you get 90 coffee pods)


i am definitely curious about this too. I got that huge pack of boxes of coffee from a wootoff and if they work in this, i’ll probably buy it. Anyone know?

To my friends of woot! Just one single complaint. It’s Colombia (with an O).

What makes them horiable ?
There are a lot of good reviews out there, I’d be happy to read yours to balance them.

This wont help me. I go through about 2 pots a day.

I live in WA and I am boycotting Starbucks after Howard Schultz LIED to us and sold our SuperSonics to Oklahoma! Dern tootin’ I’m brewing my own. Never had pod coffee tho. What the heck is Pod Coffee