Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker - 2 Pack

18 pods for five bucks???
I’ll stick to my Folgers Instant.

From the description: “Jason: He also was one of the original founders of Gwar.”

OK, that was funny. Can’t recall the last time someone made a reference to Gwar.
Never ever ever expected it to happen here. They put on some pretty gory metal shows back in the late '80s/early '90s. Thanks for the flashback, WOOT!


Can regular tea bags be used?

Here is an interesting post from one of my favorite blogs about what can happen if you drink too much coffee: "Coming Clean, Getting Bean Free "
And another one from the comments of that blog post: “Coffee Drinkers Might Live Longer”

would have bought one for 12.99 but who needs two ? anyone who spends $35.00 dollars for coffee machines and then to go out and pay .27 cents per cup just to make coffee has to be out of their mind. why ? because it is messy to grind your own ?

Screw buying pods, use your favorite coffee - I use Boca Java. Just get a cheap pack of basket-type filters, use a good pair of kitchen sissors to trim about 1/2" off all around the edge. Do a bunch at once. While the machine is preheating, take one of your ‘home-made’ pod shells and put 1 standard coffee scoop of good grind into it. Press it into the pod holder and fold the filter over the top of the coffee. Make sure all the filter material is within the pod holder. By this time, the water is preheated. Just close the cover and select the 5 oz or 8 oz size you want. Believe me, this makes great coffee this way and it keeps the coffee cost low! I do an 8oz and then a 5oz into my 14oz travel mug every morning and the coffee is great!

This must be coming from someone who rolls their own. You really have a system down. The only problem I foresee is having the ability to follow all of those steps BEFORE drinking a cup of coffee. The frugality is admirable, though!

Yeah, but you could go in for three, actually six, line them up along the kitchen counter, load the filters in each one, and you’d have a fresh cup whenever you need it.

I do this with my senseo that I just got for free (promo)- comes to 14 cents a cup (8 oz)

Let me get this straight…woot had cases of coffee pods a while back, without a coffee maker, and people loaded up on them, but didn’t have pod coffee makers to use them with ?

Sheer genius I tell ya - LOL!!

I got the Philips Senseo offer (found via FatWallet) for $15 shipped.

The setup included some coffee, a coupon and a tin canister to hold the pods.

I’m happy with mine, and you only have to get one! :slight_smile:

Be sure to tell the survey that you will use lots of coffee.


Coffee makers? WOW. Not just 1 Carpy coffee maker but 2 carpy coffee makers. I do wonder as they hold tea bags if I can make hot tea with these.

The process is pretty simple when you’re not trying to describe it. I don’t do it to save money - just to be able to use good fresh ground coffee. I abhor the prepackaged pods. No one knows how long they’ve been sitting around, and they seem to think everybody LOVES flavored coffee - yech!

Solidarity! I live in WA and I’m also boycotting Starbucks – haven’t been there even once since the Sonics left!

…but it doesn’t mean I have to buy Juan’s funny looking lamer of a coffee maker.

Killer deal - mucho gracias amigo !!!

So does this thing sign you up for monthly add-ons or is it a one price deal and you don’t need to talk to them again?

hmm I kinda want this just for the tea…

but sorry woot, I think I’ll just stick with the old fashioned boiling of water

I’m assuming that there is a USB connection. Perhaps if you hook this up to your PC it can keep it…from…crashing? [Dr. Evil pinkie thing]

Hey, better look for the expire date on that box of coffee pods!

I have a Melitta pod coffee maker. I use whatever pods I can find. You have to get them all in the chamber before you close it, or you will get leaks. It took several times to get it down pat. I love having a fresh hot cup of coffee on demand. I do not like cold coffee. I am going to try the make your own that is mentioned earlier. I have been trying to figure a way to do that, so thanks for the idea. And yes, you can use tea bags. I even found some that were round at an Aldi store. They worked great.