Juan Valdez Pod Coffee Maker

make your columbian gardener/lover feel at home

meh i dont like coffee that much

WHY again\\\\\\\???

Don’t want Juan.

burro not included.

Have one, love it.

They should sell the ammo for this thing instead. Er… yeah, you know what I mean.

Is it me or is products really selling this fast???

I ehard the pods are hard to find for this moooonnnsstttteeerrr

It is actually a cocaine mule disguised as a coffee maker. Juan Valdez has his own Cartel that he operates under the guise of a coffee pessant with a mule

good deal, going for 23-60 on other sites. no need for one though :frowning:

I got a case of pods in one of my beeohcees…I wonder if they’ll have those up next?

dekoquonut…I do already have one roomba and use it daily, but I’m saving the other as a backup…the batteries do not last.


Cartels everywhere are incensed!

Hey look at me! I’m cool! I’m one of the first people to post in the blog on this item! Aren’t I cool!

(Geez. Get a life, people.)

Will this work with a Zune, or just a Pod?

If I didn’t already have the Melitta version of this I would buy it.

ummmm coffee?