Judd’s Hill Red Three - Pack

Yes, and the reverse is true also. Keep in mind that your “box” is located in just another storefront, as far as the delivery people are concerned.

am I having deja vu or was this a previous offering not too long ago?

And how was the PS, just so I can be even more sad that it’s not in this offer?

Leave it to J-Dub to put me on the fence… fortunately I’m unable to rat tomorrow, so I can afford to wait to hear from them.

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Hey Wine.Wooters! There are only a few spots left for the 2nd ANNUAL Sip and Sail/New York City Wine Wooters Weekend. We had an awesome time last year, don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of the fun!! Sign up for 1 or all of the events and send your payment via PayPal to Krugsters today! Check the thread for full details.

For those of you who are already on the confirmed list and have not sent your payment to Krugsters, PLEASE due so ASAP, so we can ensure that the boat can be reserved!

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Thanks for all the info – we just got back from Napa & Sonoma and weren’t able to get to Judd’s Hill b/c of my own miscalculation(logistical issues – don’t ask. . . but apparently, I can’t read a calendar from month to month – and yes, I am an Aggie, tho’ not blonde . . .).

Anywho – this woot will tide us over til we can get there in the Fall & try the wine blending class! In for Two!

Would love to be a first time ratter, down here in South Texas – don’t forget about us! Particularly before the heat gets here & curtails our shipping flexibility!

How long have i been away from this website discussion!!! I gess i had to finish my Red Zeppelin order beforei thought about ordering more…

When did these comic avatars show up??!!

I’m not sure when they showed up – its been a couple of weeks – I picked the angel – but meh . . . whatever . . .

Another question on drinking window – I found the suggested window on the 05 Cab, but not the Merlot or Pinot. I see a recommended window on CT on the Pinot – where did that come from (random guessing or does someone know something)? And nothing on the Merlot.

Other ideas?


The Wine Spies also had the 2005 Cab up at $30 a bottle further proving how little of a deal you get from them in comparison.

On the hook for 3 due to the cab the others are a nice bonus.

In for 3, but think I missed the window to be eligible to rat! Ah well!

Hmmm, you got info on these… as in hw much it costs, and how many boxen will they accept before they start shouting at you to come and collect your stuff or they’l start losing boxen / drinking you deliveries?

Anybody else have trouble looking at that spreadsheet in Chrome? The chart overlaps some of the text, but it looks fine in Firefox.

Edit: Weird, when I click to the “Details” tab and then back to the overview the chart seems to right itself. Very odd.

This winery has never been offered before.

Agreed on all points man. I just wish I had taken actual tasting notes. Oh well, at this price I’ll definitely be going in for one (more if I were employed). :tongue:

BTW, thanks for setting this visit up. I had never heard of these guys prior to our stop.

Yes, I have this issue as well, and only in Chrome. Fortunately reloading the page or, as you said, switching tabs in the spreadsheet, resolves the issue.

I’d think Chrome would work with Google Docs better than any other browser … but there I go making that fatal mistake again: thinking.

I SWEAR it wasn’t there last night! Even did a page search for “Merlot” and returned no results :slight_smile:

Can you sail over and pick me up from England?

Joined to buy this deal - now I have another outlet to impulsively lose my hard earned dollars. Sweet!

A wise choice my soon to be cash strapped friend! :slight_smile: