Judd’s Hill Red Three - Pack

Linkee to previous Woot offering

Good deal - 50%+ discount.

Since Cesare is not up yet, apparently.

These folks have some mixed things to say about the wines from Judd’s, but the reviews seem to be positive on the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon:.


Anyone else tried these? I’m thinking about taking a chance.

CT for Cab
CT for Merlot
CT for Pinot Noir

My wife’s maiden name is Judd, so I’m in for one. Guess we have our Father’s Day presents for her Father, Grandfather and Uncle.

I thoroughly enjoyed one of them, just can’t remember which one it is I’ve tried. Gotta start taking notes I guess. I do remember thinking it was in my top 3 of wines I’ve tried from woot (Rasmussen pinot and Tudor pinot being the others) out of what’s gotta be around 20 wines by now. Looking at my other likes, it was probably the pinot.


Pricing (for posterity):

Judd’s Hill Red Three - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2006 Napa Valley Merlot
1 2007 Central Coast Pinot Noir

CT links quoted above.

Bought the previous offering and have tasted the pinot and the merlot. I think the merlot probably needed to lay down a little longer, but the pinot was absolutely amazing. I’m desperately trying to hold on to the cab for few more years…SWMBO says stop buying or I can enjoy my wines while sitting on my porch because I won’t be allowed back inside, but even she loved the pinot…maybe she’ll forgive me.

I just happened to have this merlot last night. It wasn’t for me (to be brutally honest, tasted like box wine to me), but I’m not a big merlot drinker.

I consider myself a big Napa cab drinker (actually just got back from a trip last week). I had this cab a few weeks ago and don’t remember it being anything special, although better than the merlot.

I think the pinot was the best of the three.

I’m going to pass…

bought 2 sets during previous offering, tried the merlot, it’s great, definitely worth it IMO, can’t buy anymore of this though tempted, who knows woot is to come, it’s like watching 24 …

I thought all of the Judd’s were pretty good since I bought 2 on the first offer, I had to try them all . Definitely the pinot & cab are the ‘better’ of the three - cab is a gold in this competition & well worth the price.


3 more 4 me

I am in for 2. I went to the winery 2 years ago and enjoyed all of their wines, especially the cab.

can’t believe i missed the woot-off till now…
missed some awesome stuff… so frustrated that i think i’m going to sit the rest of this one off… boo…

I bought 2 the last time it was up. Good juice and worth the money.

Never wine wooted before, but considering my name is Judd… well… let’s just say I didn’t hesitate.

Got one last time. The Pinot and Cab haven’t been touched, but the Merlot was consumed and it was excellent. I’m likely going to have to pull the trigger on this one.

Reasoning like this doesn’t make any sense to me (you’re not the first this woot-off to make this comment). If you’re (in general, not you specifically) frustrated/angry/upset about having missed out on something in the woot-off and then decide, based on that, to not watch the rest of it, won’t that just lead to more frustration later if/when you discover that you’ve missed out on something else, because you chose to sit out? Why not instead say “Dang it, you know, I missed x and y, but I’m not about to miss out on anything else! Glad I found out NOW before it’s too late!” and then just watch. Who knows what you might get a chance at?

Here here…now can we please bring back some Macrostie WD???

I’m watching and waiting.


Well, seeing as how you are all tied up in a straight jacket (at least your avatar is!), how the heck do you think you’re gonna push the big button, anyhow? That must be frustrating, indeed! :wink:

Thanks for the kind words haewood. We aim to please! All of our wines are made with an emphasis on balance, food-friendliness and early approachability. Our 2005 Cabernet, included in this three pack, can surely lay down for a few years, but trust me when I say, it is drinking AMAZINGLY well right now.