Judd's Hill



I really dug the '07 Central Coast Pinot that was up here a couple years ago (one of my first Woots! And I still have the Merlot that was in that pack.), so I’ll have to consider the four-pack here. I’m also rather intrigued by the Rose, but reviews or notes for it are rather hard to find.




Beginning as garage winemakers, pioneering vintners Art and Bunnie Finkelstein have been producing legendary wines in the Napa Valley since the 1970s, when they created Whitehall Lane Winery. Now, along with their son, Judd and his wife Holly, they continue to hand-craft ultra-premium wines with the same heartfelt and intimate style that has been their signature for more than 30 years.


Thanks for the support K1avg! The Rose is only available at the winery and goes mostly to our club, so it’s hard to find reviews and such. You can find a tech sheet for the Rose and our other wines at www.juddshill.com. It’s a great summer wine and a rare rose of Cabernet and Merlot. This offer is a great opportunity to give it a try!


I’ve visited the winery and can vouch for the quality of the Rose’ (a varietal I typically do not drink). They make an interesting Old Vine Zin, but you’ll have to visit the winery to get some.


…I’ve long been a fan of Judd’s… Happy to see this offering…


We dropped in a few years (IIRC) back when PetiteSirah set up an appointment for us there right after Dark & Delicious.

In on the PS and thinking about others as well. Have to see if I still have my notes from our visit.

Edit: That is, if the WW Cloud starts working again so I can order!!! :tongue:


2008 Judd’s Hill Old Vine PS CT link.