Juggling Mice & Such

The Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse is all that it says that it is, looks great and functions well. Its one HUGE drawback is that the battery life lasts about 1 day and doesn’t charge while the computer is turned off. Also, the computer has to be restarted when you change over from wired back to wireless. 2/5*

Absolutely love this mouse; looks great, performs well. One thing though; don’t expect to leave it off-charger like many wireless mice. I suspect to ensure that it never “sleeps” at the wrong time the mouse is always using SOME power; so place the included charger/wireless connection somewhere convenient so you don’t forget to re-cradle it. Other than that, it’s phenomenal.

I bought the Razer Tron mouse before on here a couple years ago but it died on me earlier this year. It’s a shame quantities were so low otherwise I’d snatch up a couple more at least.

I got the Taipan after having the Naga and I like it so so. I must have heavy hands or something because I find that I am pressing buttons that I don’t mean to, so much so that I had to completely turn off the right side buttons, The dpi buttons are nice but though.