Juggling Mice & Such

Does this come with the charging stand? I keep seeing this one put up for sale in addition to another ad for a razer ouroboros at times. I’m hoping somebody can explain the difference between the two

Yes it comes with the stand. The Mouse comes with one single cord, which you either wire into the stand which acts and charger and signal base station, or you plug it direct into the mouse.

The main difference between the Ouroboros and the Mamba is that the Ouroboros has adjustable slides for adjusting the length and has the finger side (flaps?). The Ouroboros also can go up to 8,400 DPI whereas the Mamba is 6,400 DPI; not that anyone would likely use that insane DPI. The Ouroboros is also a significantly more modern model mouse; I believe Ouroboros began in 2014 whereas these are 2012 Mambas. Also the Ouroboros uses a AA battery, whereas the Mamba has a built-in pack.

If you like big mice the Mamba is a solid mouse. I have about 7"~ hands and the mamba sits right in the middle for me.

The thing to note here is these are factory recons, which all of my current mambas (3) are and I have had 0 problems with them; but there is a sense of buyer risk with that.

Thanks for the response. I’ve been a fan since the very original boomslang.

I guess I’m confused because after watching woot.com for over a year there’s some weeks where TWO links/ads/whatever appear for the ouroboros. One of those two ends up sold out. The second listing has always shown the mouse with the stand while this one does not.

Also the ouroboros ad with the stand routinely sells out in about a day or two while this ad I’m commenting on never seems to sell out. That’s why I’m confused as to the difference…There’s no way woot would make the mistake of double listing the same item again and again. So I assume there is a difference and hoping fellow wooters could explain.

Btw, I prefer claw grip style and I’ve never found a mouse, besides the boomslang, that matched that grip. I think it’s because the mouse ball/sensor sat so far back in the underside of the mouse. I’ve been wanting to try the ouroboros but I’m worried it’ll just let me down like every other purchase.