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Anyone actually used a Juicer before? Will it be able to produce a quality shake like Naked Juice?

This looks an awful lot like the Breville juice extractor. But I’m pretty sure its not quite as good. However, can’t find any online reviews to back up my thesis.

why is all info on this item from the UK? Did a cargo liner crash on the shores of Texas?

I’ve used a juicer many times. A really great one can produce any type of juiced result you are looking for, including Naked Juice like drinks. This doesn’t appear to be that great a juicer, but it may suffice.

Thousands of times. Naked Juice, however, blends purees into their juice, making them somewhat thick. Some juices, though, will be naturally thick, such as pineapple juice, though not as heavy & thick as a Naked Juice type juice. Naked Shmaked, though, because nothing’s as healthful as fresh. You can make an s-load of tasty juices with a good juicer. This one should be ok, as 700 watts is about what you need to juice a heavy rind, like is found on a pineapple. I’m not sure how easy it is to clean, though. I’ve seen a nice juice, by Sunbeam, I think, at Walmart for $49.99 that is more compact than this one, is easy to take apart & clean, also has the extra large mouth for larger fruits & vegetables, and has even more power than than this one. This one looks similar to the Jack Lalane juicer, which is a little more tedious to take apart & clean.

If you really want to make Naked Juice type shakes, though, of which I’ve made hundreds, you just need a kick ass blender, like the $149 one they’ve been selling on woot, or maybe even the 80 or 90 dollar one. I use a Vita-Mix and I can just toss in whole fruits & ice and it’ll turn it into a shake. Juicers are really great, though, too. I use mine for cantaloupe juice, watermelon juice, pineapple juice, carrot juice (carrot with a thumb-joint size piece of ginger is awesome!), and mixed vegetable drinks. The smoothies and shakes, though, all get made in the Vita-Mix.

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Jack Lalane does not approve.

Has anyone actually used THIS juicer? Or has anyone had any luck finding reviews for this product? I know from experience that crappy juicers don’t last long and end up being a huge waste of many. Any info on this product would be greatly appreciated!

Best use of the word “testicles” in a product description ever. :slight_smile:


After you place an order… they mark it as “shipped” when they ship it out? or do you just recieve it?

By “shipped” they mean its still in the process of being delivered. It’ll usually show a tracking number below your receipt under “your account => receipt #” if tracking is available for your order and it has indeed been shipped.

If I wanted Carrot juice I’d go talk to my red headed friend Max Weinstein-Goldberg-Gelfenwitz

I found an interesting link to the instruction manual…


I canNOT find a written review but i found a star rating of 2.7 out of 5. Please note that on that same review page all the Brevilles received 5/5.

Looks to be a EU and Australian product thus far… hopefully the states will be able to actually review it.

I got one so I’ll see how it works and pass along somewhere :slight_smile:

I have a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer from Costco. My partner and I love it. I thought we’d tire of it quickly (like the breadmaker, etc. etc.) but we’re going on two years and keep on juicing. Now, the juice that comes out of these machines will be strained by the strainer, so there’s no pulp. If you want pulp, just take some out of the “waste” basket. I always recycle some apple, carrot, and orange pulp back into my juice in the morning (this means, though that you have to peel your fruit before you juice it, unless you like the taste of the peel).

Now… fresh squeezed juice is high in vitamins, yes… but they’re also high in carbos and sugars, so beware!

I also have a Jack and a Champion. If you are looking for a good starter, this is not a bad one. Sorta like a training juicer. I do a lot of raw food prep and I use pulp from various veggies to change the consistency of the dishes. Works well.

Don’t forget: most of the fiber that comes from fruit and veggies is from the pulp. If this juicer doesn’t seperate pulp from juice, that’s nutritionally a good thing.

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