Juicers & Blenders

$600.00 Retail?

Seriously? The thing sells for $110-115 all over the place.

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I would like to know where you’re seeing it for $110.

The Omega BL630R is an amazing pro blender, well worth the price.

I would definitely go for the blendtec instead though as much of what I do involves ice or frozen fruits plus some liquid to get it going -the blendtec does very well with these unlike the Omega - which is horrible with frozen chunks of whatever even when adding a ton of liquid to get it going - so much so that your desired thick end result is very runny instead.

Omega is more quiet, and doesn’t move along the counter like Vitamix and Blentec (don’t have to hold it in place so it doesn’t get-away)
And it does very well-with fruits, veggis, nuts, etc if they are not frozen. I would say it does much better at this than Blendtec and vitamix.

Just depends on what you want.
And as a percentage of total units versus ones that break - I think the Omega lasts much better.

The Omega site shows nearly ALL of their models as “out of stock” - I love that this thing has a 10-year warranty - but is the company going to be around?

This reeks of a fire sale…

4 hours left and the $300 blender is still in my cart. No one has a comment on the solvency of this company?

Maybe next time :frowning: