JULY & BIRTHDAY CRAPS! Post them here!!! 💩

Whatever it is, I’m ready with my hard hat, gloves, and faucet harware.

Yep, that’s why TT and I are going to talk about how we can make them more consistent. I love the ‘roll-the-dice’ element of a lot of Woot stuff, from WTF to BOC, but it’s tough because we can’t QA every single BOC going out the door. Especially when there are 15K and another 150 special ones on top of that. It’s just way outside of what the warehouse team is working on. They are awesome, but we’re asking a lot of a small group of people (who also have other shit to work on). So TT will figure it out, and put the LE’s on hold if we don’t feel like we’re offering something special, without losing our shirts on it.


So I was your first?



I’m too lazy to go back to anyone’s comments. @yetibobbins @Froodyfrog @davejlives

Honestly, I thought the $50 dollar BoC wasn’t too bad. Dog was happy about the monkeys, I liked the glass I got and some of the woot merch I didn’t have (MAGNETS). I was disappointed that none of the shirts I got would fit me, but I knew that coming in anyways. Some of the items I’ll be able to give to others as gifts, others I can keep for myself (seriously though what is the foot fetish item).

But the NES Classic. While not a SNES classic, and I already have a Switch that offers NES games, I’m still pretty thrilled about. I don’t know why, but I had this sense of childlike glee seeing it. I guess it reminded me back when I was a kid. If I have a free evening, I’ll probably go ahead and hack it, or maybe I’ll give it to some family, I don’t know really. I think it’s super neat and I like playing with tech stuff.

Was the entire box worth $50? I’d say sure. I would have liked if the shirts fit me, but that’s difficult. I was happy to not have an Elf book. That was a massive plus.

While I’m happy with it, would it be nice to have a few more expensive things? Maybe an SD card or USB drive or some basic tech stuff? Yeah that would be neat, but I don’t absolutely need those things right this second and Woot has to make a profit.

It really is a luck of the draw sort of thing, you can’t absolutely please everyone, and there’s no way to customize the boxes akin to a secret santa.

I guess be excited, but also curb your expectations. Rumors have been floating around for years regarding people getting TVs, yachts and even a NASA spaceship, but logically, does that make any sense? How could Woot afford something like that regularly? They cannot. Some people might even hype up what they got as a defense mechanism to hide that they made a poor mistake or were unhappy with what they got. I wonder how many of those rumors were started because of this…

(I am excited for the extra crap from that totally not fake letter I found at the bottom of my box though :slight_smile: )


Weren’t the LE B0Cs consistent in the “big item” when they were sold both times last year?

I mean some of the wootbots posts are by @davejlives. It’s how I was able to become a woot employee for a day :slight_smile:

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Oh, obviously the contents would be significantly random.

(Off topic, but sort of related. When I joined Meh, my first purchase was a Fuku. Inside was a brand new Roomba. Did I expect it? No. Was it nice? You better believe it. Were the chances of it happening EXTREMELY LOW? Yes.)

I’m pretty much content with the contents of my box (even though the certificate came ripped).

My post was intended to be sympathetic to those who received a Roku Premiere, for instance.


I would have loved an NES Classic but I got a Roku premiere. That’s where my dissatisfaction came from. I’ve gotten $50 to $60 items in regular BOC’s so getting a $35 item as my “big item” in a $50 BOC was why I was salty.


Yes and no – same range in terms of “perceived” value, but still a toss-up among 8-10 different things.

It would be less fun if everyone got an NES, for example. We still want to keep it random enough, but that means some get better stuff than others. So there’s always going to be curve. TT and need to discuss how to make it worthwhile for people to roll the dice on a $50 purchase. If we don’t feel good about it, we’ll wait. Or we’ll think of something else :slight_smile:



Yeah I understand that too. It’s difficult to please everyone, especially in this day and age where everyone has a firestick, roku, chromecast, apple tv and john cena’s streaming box of fun already. While I’d probably be bummed if I got a roku because I already have a cc, I’d probably try to pawn it somewhere or give it the parents.

I didn’t mean to sound like I was gloating either, I get where you guys are coming from. It’s luck of the draw and yeah I could see thinking you’re going to get something you don’t have and would never get and then surprise it’s a Roku.

I don’t really know how to offer condolences in here either too. It’s not your fault, but also Woot BOCs are a big surprise too. They do sell a ton of Rokus all the time (looks at today’s deals) so I could get expecting something else too. It’s luck of the draw really. Sometimes the luck goes south.

And what about somebody like me who has NONE of those? :thinking:

(Not that I’d be ecstatic if I had gotten a Roku Premiere, as I could get one really cheap elsewhere.)



I’m REALLY tempted to put words in your mouth, but that wouldn’t really help the dialog.

Hello sir and/or madam,

I am writing to you today to interest you in a potentially lucrative deal of value. I don’t represent a company named Woot or Roku but I wanted to point you towards today’s fantastical deals where you can head right over to THIS PAGE, and obtain your very own Roku streaming device at a VERY VERY low price. WOW. But don’t delay, this deal ends in about 18minutes! That’s time! That’s not a lot! You should hurry!


(Totally not the lead sales person of Roku, LLC)


Drinking seems to be a common theme at Woot, hmmmmmm…


Honestly I get it. Woot is a company and they have to make money so not everyone can get a pallet of crap or $250 headphones. I don’t think they should change anything about it. We all know we’re in for possible disappointment but hope for the best. Most of the fun from getting a BOC comes from the anticipation. Apparently I was one of the unfortunate saps that got both BOC’s within 2 days so I didn’t get to enjoy all that anticipation like everyone else.

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Wait. What? Woot wants to make money?!?

I must be the anti-consumer which Woot fears, then, since a lot of purchase which I’ve made over the last couple of years (even though I’ve been a Wooter for over a decade) cost more to ship than what I paid. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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And here I was thinking it was mainly for getting high dollar items for cheap. Guess I’ll get that TV somewhere else.

I also understand where you’re coming from too. It’s a side effect of getting your hopes up too, but I mean it’s also not your fault. I was looking at some of the LE bags people got and was kind of dreading ending up getting a Kindle (already have), or a Firestick (Lord no). I’d probably be a little upset about it too.

But also part of that is like how do you make BOCs that are going to be made up of things people don’t have? Maybe if they made it extremely elusive and had people checking your forums/purchase history and guessing? But that seems like a lot of work and what if the person isn’t active? It’s difficult. But they also have to bank on people hoping they are getting the good stuff because otherwise no one will want to buy a BOC. It’s like a blindbag. Sometimes you get 7 duplicates and you’re like wtf I didn’t want my 8th clone of the Purple Sparkle Barney Action Figure.

And the disappointment of not getting one.

Yeah nice. That way you could be like “I got a BOC before the VOP was cool”. Just hang that over everyone’s heads and watch how angry they get, lol.


Okay I may have been the pervert. But you thought it too

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