July Shirtstorm!

Perish the thought!

Does the discount come off at checkout? Each shirt still comes up as $15 when I add them to my cart.

Never mind…was looking at wrong list.

I missed out on a bag of crap for the same exact reason. I was not happy.

Holy crap >.< I was frustrated just with a day sale, I can only imagine what it must have been like for something so hard to get. Sorry you had to go through that.

Rainbro has ahem unfortunate placement issues for Mr. Cloud and Ms. Sun, I must say.

Consider them like pasties.


Oh jeebus, I didn’t even notice that >.< Glad I decided against it afterall.

Does anyone know the size of the arm holes on the tank tops? I love the 80’s storm design and I would like to get the tank top. But since it is unisex i’m wondering if I (a woman) can wear it without my bra showing on the sides… sometimes unisex tee’s have really big arm holes

A little cute but overall horrible. Blech!!!

Gonna make my husband wear Haulin’ Oats to the concert,I already got my Maneater shirt from here,can’t wait.

IS THE SALE OVER?!? Wanted a few shirts :frowning:

If you haven’t found it, IT MOVED HERE. Buy all the shirtz!

Has anyone else had their’s shipped yet? I ordered mine on the 23rd and it still says ‘shipping now’ and ‘tracking unavailable’. I wouldn’t bother squeaking about it since I’m generally cool with slow-ish deliveries, but I’ve recieved items that I had ordered on the same day. Well, all except a couple of big items, but that’s only because I haven’t been home to accept the delivery.

Yet I got a whole slew of other deliveries yesterday, including 4 shirts and a tote O.o

On the event page, it clearly states these won’t ship until Aug 5th.

edit: OK, they removed where it said that, but it had said that.

The replacement sale that @manhandsha linked to a couple posts above still has the note about shipping on the 5th.