JUMBO 22,400 mAh Dual USB PowerPack

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JUMBO 22,400 mAh Dual USB PowerPack
Price: $29.99 - 59.98
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Feb 25 to Tuesday, Mar 01) + transit
Condition: New


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wait… so let me get this straight, I can order 2 for 29.99 each, or I can order 2 for 59.98…
I see what you did there…

The power specs don’t seem to line up: the description says 2A input, the Woot product specifications say 1A in, 2A/2A out, and the linked product page says 1A in, 1A/2A out!

I’m assuming the last is correct, which is a little disappointing; I was hoping it was 2A in, 2A/2A out. Oh well.

According to the Amazon listing here:

Input: 5v DC, 1amp

Output 1: 5v DC, 1amp

Output 2: 5v DC, 2.1 amp

Full Charge Time: 6-8 hrs (depending upon capacity of the charger)

California math?

I’m certainly interested. I missed out on this the last time they were up.
I have a fairly large portable USB battery now (10800 mAh, IIRC), but this guy is only 1" taller and about .8" wider, with over double the power and a flashlight, which would be nice as well. I’m doing a lot of traveling for work these days and I had been considering packing a small flashlight for emergencies, but if it is built-in it’s that much better!

Did anyone buy one of these previously? Any insight to share? I see the reviews on Amazon are overall positive.

I don’t have this specific battery pack, but as someone who has used them for a bit now, there’s a reason why most of them have the USB ports along the top edge rather than the side. The angle of the connector will make it much less convenient to slip into a backpack or pants/coat pocket.
My suggestion is to go for a smaller device that has the ports in a more sensible location. However, YMMV.

I suppose that if you wanted 6 of them, you wouldn’t need to whip out that 2nd Woot-ID (or shell out the extra $5 shipping on that ID).

Should have been $59.97 just so that there would be a volume discount, though.


Also, 22,400mAh, $6 more expensive, but has 2A in instead of 1A in.


26,800mAh, $32 and also 2A in.


also 26,800mAh, $33 and 2A in, as well as 4.8A out.

The flashlight is a handy gadget but not really an option for flashlight used frequently…best use IMO is as back up battery. I have never had much luck charging anything with these, but for long meetings, etc. wonderful back up battery

Someone slept through the electricity unit in Physics.

A 1-amp charger can only provide 1000mAh per hour. Over 8 hours this thing would only be charged to 8000mAh…it’s gotta be a 2A input; just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

I own one of these:


I tested a bunch of batteries with a power meter to be sure that it held the “mah” that were stated before finally choosing this one.

Two questions.

By “these” do you mean LifeCharge packs or portable chargers in general? If it’s not a shitty generic knockoff…it works, in my experience. I’ve been through 50+ of these things so I can vouch for 'em. Lifecharge is pretty reputable AFAIS (seen). iPhones also don’t like non-Apple accessories, but if you have one then you’ve already chosen to live with that.

If you just need something to power you through a meeting, why not get something pocketable like a Tylt Zumo instead of this monstrosity? This is for people who want to charge it once a week, or camping trips, or tablets, or REALLY old devices that last ten minutes on their own battery.

Just got corrected specs from the vendor. Sale should be fixed soon.

Capacity: 22,400mAh
Input: 5v DC, 2amp ( Max)
Output 1: 5v DC, 1amp
Output 2: 5v DC, 2.1 amp
Full Charge Time: approx. 12 hrs (depending upon capacity of the charger, need to be 2 amp output, etc.)
Dimensions: 6.50x3.15x 0.9 inches
Weight: 15.87 ounce

I bought this 2-pack deal last time it was here.
It is very good quality, and a reputable product. Very capable battery. A++

And was I happy?
Yes, I was… until I saw the actual thing.

The only con is … well, it is its size/weigh. Which is a pretty big deal nowadays. And something I, unfortunately, did not pay attention to when buying it.

That is not one of those external batteries you feel comfortable to keep in your pocket

I picked up the 2 pack last time it came around. Someone in here as posted a slightly better battery i would probably go with if i were to do it again, but honestly This one is pretty good. It does take a while to charge, but it holds a lot, too. Pretty handy for long flights if you’re running a tablet for navigation. The bottom does say Input:2A, Output 1: 1A, Output 2: 2.1A

Are there any solar backpacks or panels compatible with these?