JUMBO 22,400 mAh Dual USB PowerPack

Ha, anyone else find it funny that this identical battery gets a GorillaGadgets brand and is on woot and amazon quite often, just a couple days on woot actually, but is branded as a 20,000mah… so which is it? https://www.amazon.com/Gorilla-Gadgets-Dual-Portable-Power/dp/B01946KQUO?ie=UTF8&ref_=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top

22,400 is correct.

So does this come with 2 PowerPacks?


Awesome, thanks!

so if i buy these and take them apart and that’s not the case?

Then you’re welcome to email support@woot.com for your options.

Then you may find you have an exceptional amount of free time at home, and no real need for portable power packs.

I’m not clear if this means that you get 2x 22,400 (44,800) or if each unit is 11,200, and 22,400 is the combined total.

Is it 22,400 each or combined?

It’s strange that it says “2-pack” in the color, and the last photograph, but nowhere else says it’s a 2-pack.

“Dual USB” means it has 2 USB ports (which might have been what made people think you get 2).

So it seems like this is official confirmation that you get 2 and it wasn’t an odd misunderstanding with “Dual USB”.

Anyway… yeah… is it 2x 22,400?