Jumbo Down Alt Pillows-2 Pack

Jumbo Down Alt Pillows-2 Pack

When you click on reviews and find the ASIN in the URL, it points to this:


It has more information than Woot does. I just looked it up because the brand wasn’t mentioned.



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so it good ??

So why does it say 149.$ value if there only 35 dollars. That’s misleading.

Hi there. List Price = MSRP. It’s not the retail price elsewhere.

Yeah, I think the $149 is the ridiculous “if not alternative to the DOWN ALTERNATIVE.” In other words if these were high-quality down pillows you’d expect to spend that. But these are an “alternative” just like a can o’ Pork N’ Beans is an alternative to 5-course meal.

We lowered the MSRP to a more realistic number. Oh, those vendors.