Jumbo Down Alt Pillows-4 Pack

Received my pillows today! I was very surprised how fast they arrived. Very disappointed in the quality and size though. The listing says jumbo pillows but I received standard pillows. The package says “Size: Standard”. Also, these are not comfortable at all. I realize that is a matter of opinion, but these do not feel like down at all. Down alternative is supposed to feel like down and these do not. Although I feel very strongly that I should get what I was promised, at $5 per pillow I really can’t expect too much else.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Please email support@woot.com with your order info, as you didn’t receive the item advertised. CS can help you out.

I think it was the right item. These are 20x28, which is only 2" longer than standard, but smaller than Queen (30") or King (36").

We got our “Jumbo” pillows in the mail today. After checking them out there is nothing that says “Jumbo” anywhere on the packaging. Please let others know that these are not Jumbo Pillows. They are standard pillows and that is that nothing more, nothing less. Other than that they should do just fine. :slight_smile: