Jumbo Down Alt Pillows-4 Pack

Does no one have a woot! On these pillows?

Just got these and unpacked last night. Only got a 2 pack :frowning:
Have contacted customer service and we’ll see how it goes.

I got mine today. Just a single 2 pack for me too. Also waiting on customer service response.

same here only two sent

Hey all. Sorry for the shortage. I’m checking in with the Home team and CS.

Same here. Just received a single 2-pack. Emailed customer service.

are they comfy?? worth the money?

Ordered 12 only received 6.

Woot Woot, they only send you 2 NOT 4.

Only got a 2 pack! Is there another package on the way?.

same as a few others here…only received one package with only 2 pillows…i also email customer service. I hope i get my other two!

Adding to the strand of 2-packs. I ordered 3 4-packs, and got 3 2-packs.

Only received a 2-pack.

I also received 2 pillows not 4. I have just reached out to customer service. Does anyone have an update as to response?

UPDATE: I received a response:


I’m sorry to know that you receive half of the order #********. This is definitely not what we want our customers to experience.

Please be advised that, vendor accidentally shipped as 2-packs. We sincerely apologize for this mix up.

However, we’re sending these missing pillows to you as soon as possible, and you should receive your tracking information once the item gets ships."

I would strongly suggest anyone who experienced a pillow shortage to email the company via Customer Service. Be sure to include your order number and that you received 2 pillows not 4.

I see this was 6 days ago with no update and now it says you are on vacation. Is there an update to the pillow quantity that seems to be a frequent issue?

Emailed customer service twice so far (about only receiving two pillows) and have gotten no replies, not even an automated one. This deal sure seems like a blatant ripoff.