Jumbo Junkie Universal Jumbo Remote Control – 2 Pack

wow… 2 of 'em!!!.. what’s the world coming too… hehe… and useful linkage w/ comparison links is there… if you want.

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Jumbo Junkie Universal Jumbo Remote Control – 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Jumbo Junkie Universal Jumbo Remote Control TR-0001

Already have one. They’re actually very nice.

Fun too.

my roommate has this. works great and you’ll never lose it!

Looks like a calculator for old people.

These things remind me of the episode of the simpsons when homer becomes obese to work at home

grandma and grandpa can fight over the tv show.

I think I’ll pass. My vision isn’t bad enough to trash my Harmony and go for this HUGE thing yet.

lmao this is the funniest woot since the such as one and the such as one was just the description this is an item.

maybe if it was like 1950 or something I might need this. I dont even use I remote I just tell my Tv what to do and it obeys me like a TV should!!

PASS - thank you …

ThingFling is selling the Phillips version for $5.99 shipped for ONE $11.98 for 2.


BAD woot…

not bad, my remote just broke the other day.

I suppose in the college environment a remote gets a lot of use.

This is good for people like my grandmother. Now if woot would do a similar device for Cell phones that work with Cingular I could her off old land line phone.

Grandma: “Well sure, Ryan, I can SEE the remote and all the buttons…But it’s so big I can’t lift it up.”

Why would you need 2 universal remotes. DOES NOT COMPUTE

are these direct tv compatible?

Just saw this earlier tonight at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10 each.

If I ever spend money on a remote, it’ll be a harmony. Sorry woot.

wasnt this an unfunny gag gift like 10 years ago?