Jump Starters - Your Choice

I want this soooo bad!!! I only wish the price was just a bit cheaper, then I would purchase one for my truck and car.

“Woah, COOL… Nipple Clamps!”
“Uh, No they’re actually not… they’re for your um, car. You know, for um, like jumping the battery.”
“WHAT… No way dude. These are totally Nipple Clamps, Right?”
“Um, Yeah… I’m pretty sure you are mistaken but OK whatever.”

I’m having a heck of a time finding any reviews or comparable pricing elsewhere on the web. anyone have any links?

also, I’m confused as it says it can charge two devices simultaneously, yet it only appears to have 1 USB port.

No links but I did see something just like this at Samuel’s Clubhouse the other day but can’t find it online for some reason.

I found glowing reviews to the I-8006 but the actual item is unavailable. (?) Here are the reviews:
http://www.amazon.com/review/R1JAEZ7AJQKHD7 http://www.amazon.com/review/R125PR2ITAARCK http://www.amazon.com/review/R3QQ7DO3XR99F6
But it is bizarre that it has evaporated off of Amazon.

I found more reviews, some of them give me a “is this real” vibe, but there are 32 in total.

Here it is

These generally have a USB cable with 2-3 different ends on it, thus allowing you to charge multiple devices.

There are quite a few of these on Amazon for close to the same price with pretty decent reviews, so I would probably choose one of those over this one that I can’t find any information on.

I’m sure they’re all pretty much the same chinese made product with just slightly different branding.

Check out the Brightech Spider for like an extra $5.

ah, that would make more sense. It would be nice to know what types of ends it came with though. is it me or does this whole sale seemed a lot lower quality and seedier then what typically comes through woot?

Nobody is going to mention that these will not jump start a car?

I will.
This will not jump a dead battery.

If they would, why do I have that big, heavy lead acid battery in my car?
Wouldn’t they have replaced it with this 8.5oz battery years ago?

I wonder what the voltage sag at 700a was for the 3.2v 6a batteries inside this was?

Way overpriced for a USB charger, as well.
I picked up a 16,000mah USB charger for $10 shipped on the mothership last week.
But, it did not claim to be able to jump start a car, either.

Um, did you watch the video? Did you see this unit jump start a car? Did you see it jump start five different cars? At least one of which had its battery disconnected, thereby proving that this thing was the sole source of power being used to start the car?

I’m trying to figure out whether you didn’t watch the video, or whether you’re trying to convince us that the video is faked.

Neither the specs nor the pictures show any cables at all other than the 12V battery clamps.

I don’t have this particular brand, but, yes, believe it or not, it WILL jump start a completely dead battery. Unfrigginbelievable! I have helped with 3 different cars, and each started immediately. And still doesn’t need recharging yet.

Mine does have an adapter with several different ends attached for charging other, multiple items at once. Plus a kickbutt flashlight!

350 Amps isn’t enough to jump much of a car. A little Yaris, sure, but not an SUV. Plus, how long would it hold a charge? The last thing I want is to hook this thing up to my dead battery, only to find it was dead too!

I’m going to take a few different approaches to disproving that statement.

Power analysis

350 amps * 12 Volts = 4200 watts
Typical DC motor efficiency = 50% (worst case)
.5 * 4200 watt = 2100 watts
745 watts per/horsepower
2100 / 745 = 2.8 horsepower

Available 2.8 horsepower output from starter motor to turn the engine.

We’re talking about starting reasonably modern car engines here, not 1920’s diesel tractors. You don’t need the equivalent output of a pony motor, just enough to turn it over.

Basic web research leading to an automotive tech textbook.

You may be confusing standard batteries available CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) rating. Just because a battery can deliver 800 amps doesn’t mean an starter will draw that much.

Granted, current demand will be higher with cold, thick oil, but


Watch the video.

You might have forgotten:

Even a mostly discharged lead-acid batttery can still contribute to the starting of the car when aided by an outside power source. The car will see the power of both its depleted main battery plus the booster.

“Have you ever wondering why, people ask not to touch both clamps together?”

Am I only one wondering, why the using of grammar worse than the Yoda? Seriously, the description sounds like that diplomat informing me of a Rich Uncle that passed away in Boogalalashivstan, needing $500 so I can get his USD$10m.

And they still don’t explain why you don’t cross the streams! Er, touch the clamps together!

Captain Obvious says: A Yaris IS a car. SUV = Sport utitlity vehicle.

I have the Whistler brand (they are all the same, made in the same Chinese factory same specs). It given to me last X-mas. just recently My battery on a Ford Taurus developed a bad cell. I drive this car 500-800 miles a week with several stops in a day. Went to start it in the morning after the weekend of non driving, car was completely dead (thought I left something on) used this to start car did so with out breathing hard. On to my first stop (short distance) came back out car completely dead again. use this jumper again just as strong as the first time (thinking to myself not a long enough trip to charge) next stop much longer trip this time same scenario once again started with no problems. Fast forward a month or so (keep in mind I have not charge this but once the day I got it)I helped some one with a Dodge SUV started right up it! After that it still had 2 lights lit out of 5 on the power meter. They have a SLA battery in them that’s why a charge in these things lasts for a very long time. I now have one of these in every car I own

SLA usually means Sealed Lead Acid, but the description at least implies they use a LIthium Ion Battery…
“It is a multi functional lithium Jump starter with the car jump starter, Power Source, Flashlight and all in one.”

I manage a fleet of 300+ vehicles for a municipality. We have used this style jump pack to start over 10+ dead Crown Victoria’s in 25 degree weather, and after that we lost count before we charged it back up.
When the sales person came buy selling these, we (my ASE mechanics and I) were skeptical as well, but they work well.

The only warning I would give, is once the vehicle is running, take it off the battery immediately, as the wires will get hot.

We don’t use this exact one, but a similar product.