Jump Starters - Your Choice

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Jump Starters - Your Choice
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Very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Those Amazon reviews are mostly obvious fakes. This product is RATED at 6 Amp-hours which they state as 6000 mA-hours to make it look large. In reality, this is puny and insignificant. It might top off a slightly too low battery and help it start your car but if the battery is really discharged, you won’t have a chance. And remember, ratings are usually optimistic and depend on state of charge so it may not even have the rated energy storage.

In my rather extensive experience with seriously discharged car batteries, you need at least 18 Amp-hours (18,000 mA-hrs) to have even a reasonable chance of starting your car. And even with that, you only get a few tries at full voltage.

A typical lead acid battery with an 18 Amp-hour capacity weighs about 18 pounds and should cost between $60 and $100. It will last three years in typical use. Costco always carries at least one good one and they usually have an air compressor as a bonus. But you can’t put them in your pocket!

If you want something that might work some of the time (like when the stream is gurgling sweetly and the lark is on the wing) then get this. Otherwise, get the right tool for the job.

I purchased a 14000 mA hr Jumpstarter on the mothership. Right on the box it stated it could Jumpstart most 6 cylinders - and I have used it to jump start a 4 and a six cylinder without any issue. The 6 cylinder jeep was well dead, not just weak. For most practical applications, this one is probably a little weak. The one I purchased was the same price, so you may want to try there.

This product is not meant to charge your car battery. It is meant to provide the power to start your engine. Also, you may be mistaking the capacity of a battery with the cranking amps of a car battery. One does not affect the other. The 6,000 mAh rating of this battery only affects how many starts you would get with the battery. The 350 A starting current is the important spec that tells you whether this pack provides enough power to start your vehicle. For comparison, most car batteries have a CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) rating of between 250-900 A.

For more information you can click the following links: Cranking Amps vs. Reserve Capacity

What the CCA rating means

If they can make these so that I can also charge all my mobile devices I’m totally in!

It can. There’s a USB port. Also, the last photo shows the included USB cable with multi USB type connections.


Yes. Look at the photo of the white wire bundle. One of those should fit your device(s).

I’m in for three MORE! I drained my battery using my van as a booming for two days on a construction site. Attached, turned key, started car.

Gave one to son. He’s jumped his Jeep three times without a charge.

$89 on Amazon.

Has anyone tried using one of these to power a QRP ham radio? What is the output voltage actually on the 12 volt jump start? Or is it good for only jump starting and USB devices?

Most of these will charge your typical USB devices. The Micro Start XP, sold on the mother ship, will also charge a laptop. However, it is higher quality thant this unit, so will cost more.

I store my jumper pack in the trunk in subzero temps, so I can’t trust the lithium ion chargers in those conditions. I use a small Clore JNC300xl for those conditions.

just like the last time, the pictures (AND video) show the wrong way to hook a jump starter to a dead/weak battery.
Last connection should be the negative clamp, and it should be hooked to a good ground on the engine, NOT to the battery terminal.
Safety issue, as the closing connection can cause sparks (both when connecting and disconnecting), which could cause the battery to explode. Any PROPER set of instructions will warn users of this.

Another garbage Woot day :frowning:

I don’t think he(Pierre4list) was mistaken at all. I don’t have any experience with these “mini” jumpstarters, but I believe what he was saying is, the 6000mah capacity is going to get sucked out of this thing pretty quickly at the 350-700A that it will pull when attempting to crank a vehicle. The quicker the reserve capacity is drained from the jumpstarter, the less output it will provide, and the maximum optimistically rated output is already marginal at best. I wouldn’t expect this to be able to jumpstart a V8 reliably.

Would anybody? I guess if they’d never have had a need to, they wouldn’t know just what kind of amps those things need to start up.

Heck, I had a helluva time jumping my GTO off a running 4cyl car, and big portable ‘emergency’ battery pack I had wouldn’t turn the thing over even once let alone enough to fire up. I’d never presume to be able to start the thing with something I could stick into my pocket.