Jump Starters - Your Choice

Do these work well on a small SUV (Chevy Equinox)

These are pure snake oil and do not really work on ANY car. There is no way such a small battery will “jump start” a car. If the car battery is barely low AND you leave this on for hours you “may” get the car to start!

How does this compare to the WESTINGHOUSE jump starter for $69 WOOT is selling over at electronicsWoot?

What? Do you actually own one of these? I do though it’s a different brand… but same power level. I’ve used it more than once when I couldn’t get so much as a click out of the starter/solenoid and the car started immediately.

One of these belongs in every car. After I needed and used mine, I bought one for each of my kids for their car as well. They’re tiny (the battery, not my kids), but they work and you really can’t believe it until you use one.

Contemporary technology yields amazing solutions but misguided advice yields bad decisions.

Actually that’s not true, I use one of these very successfully on my Hyundai Elantra wagon, it worked very well on a very dead battery and then continuously through the next week as I had to jump it each time I needed it to start until I got a new battery. I did not have the same model, but it was a similar size and works great. It also took a fraction of a second to jump.

Dave, you are wrong. These do work, and almost right away. They work on most new cars, 4 cyl. and V-6. This particular one is not the most powerful, but sufficient. It’s also not a “deal”. These are available all over in the 60 dollar range. They don’t last long, probably only 30 seconds of cranking. They won’t work on your Big Block Chevelle. Starters in the last 20 years or so are permanent magnet starters, compared to the old wire wound magnets. Therefore, newer starters need about half the current of the older starters. The other thing is that new cars start really fast because of fuel injection. If your FI car doesn’t start in 10 or 15 seconds of cranking, something else is wrong.

Fortunately I got one of these when this pretty girl’s battery died on the boulevard. I was able to jump the car in a couple of minutes and put her to safety. It was one of these V6 Scion car. Unfortunately for her the alternator seemed to be defective but the battery held on enough to park the car. She was excited about this box, thanked me many times and called me a hero! Sometimes $50 of small battery goes a long way…

I bought 2 last time around, one for myself and the other for my girlfriend.

I have jumped my car (Honda 2.0 4 cylinder) twice now. Both times the car battery and jumper battery were about 15 degrees F. It worked after about 4 minutes of attaching it until the lights started to flash red on the jumped cables, then re-attaching it to get the green light again.

I forgive the little jumper as no battery does well when it’s that cold and the 10w-30 motor oil is probably like tree sap…

Saved my bacon twice.

How long will it hold a charge without itself needing to be plugged in? It would really suck to have this in the glovebox for 9 months and when you need it it’s dead. Or can it be connected to the car’s power to always be charging? But if you can do that, how many charge cycles will it take before it won’t hold a charge anymore? Because it would really suck to have this in the glovebox for 9 months and when you need it it’s dead.

Lithium batteries hold the charge very well, 9 months should be 85% charge at least. Most cars have usb ports that only work when the switch is on. I plan to let the battery charge anytime the vehicle is running by leaving it plugged into the vehicle’s usb port.

Consumer reports recommended Micro Start Anti gravity and Bolt power.

Perhaps the original poster is recalling the little pos batteries that were being sold years back. Yeah no way they could light the interior light let alone start a car… These are different as battery density has changed drastically in recent years.

AAA is just a phone call away and they’re already paid for.

I own an auto repair shop and these do work !

I love when people speak of things they have absolutely no knowledge of.

I can go into a science lesson about battery chemistry, power density, amperage and all that other fun stuff, but i suspect you’re just as contented to be a fool and prefer to spout off on the internet about such things, even when faced with facts to the contrary. In short - you’re completely and absolutely wrong. I’ve used batteries similar to these to start my 6 liter jeep without any other battery present

Actually… I have used mine to start 3 cars. Your snake oil claim is invalid. These work great for any car under an 8 cylinder.

Bought one of these last time for a motorcycle trip. Didn’t have to use it so I can’t comment on it’s effectiveness in that situation. I did use it to charge my phone when I was outside in cold weather. It will no longer take a charge. Maybe just a lemon, but I didn’t have a good experience.

I can understand this, because something like this WAS a gimmick a few years ago, like “cigarette lighter jump starters”. However, things have changed.

As others have already stated, please ignore this terrible advice from someone who has obviously never used one of these. These work great and have been using one for a couple years now with at least 15-20 jumpstarts on it and its still going strong.

Great Christmas present and many different versions can be had for the same or cheaper. Paid $40 for mine on hobbyking.