Jump Starters - Your Choice

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Jump Starters - Your Choice
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Don’t bother with the Amazon reviews folks. Mighty suspicious how not a single one is from a verified purchaser. That raises a huge red flag that the company is paying folks to give positive reviews.

On the contrary, verified purchasers are more often the case where they get it free to leave a favorable review. I Never trust verified purchasers for this reason. Since they have jacked everything up I now will never leave or trust a 5 star or a 1 star review. I always make a point of saying was not paid to play for this product review. I wish everyone would.
Back on topic , I have a data bank similar to this one and love it. I can post the brand if anybody asks

PASS on this one. 3 month (90 day) warranty is telling. I bought one a while back, died, wouldn’t charge after 4 months. No help from mfg nor woot. Got different one instead. https://www.amazon.com/BESTEK-10000mAh-Battery-Charging-Flashlight/dp/B00ZZGE4KG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474382708&sr=8-1&keywords=BESTEK+600A
Bestek working great and has 18 month warranty !!!

“Pro Lift Multi Function Power Bank Jump starter provides the SPARK FREE protection. It prevents from SPARKS if clamps are touched together. With starting current of 350 Amps, it gives you the ability to jump start most gasoline vehicles out there.”

Does it have enough power to start a diesel engine???

I bought one of these here a year ago. I jumped my failing Miata battery several times with no trouble. I jumped my dead Rx7 in 20 degree weather and it almost succeeded but Rx7’s are notoriously hard to start in the cold even with a good battery. But it did give several very long cranks before I gave up.

I like this battery because it charges from USB while most of the larger batteries charge from 12 volts. That means less stuff for me to carry around - the jump adapter stays in the car and I just carry the battery and a USB cable. Also this battery is only slightly larger than a cell phone so it’s a good daily carry for all around use.

For a V8 engine or a dedicated jump starter, I would probably go for one of those larger 18,000 mAh batteries. For daily carry plus emergency jump starting, I like this battery.

How long can you keep it in glove compartment between charges?