June 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!! 💩

Melody thanks you for the message. :heart_eyes_cat:

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My first BoC, filled with disappointment. In no particular order:

  • Woot stinky socks bag.
  • Woot stale chips clip.
  • Nautical-themed case for iPhone 6. With a stylus!
  • Generic pink case for Samsung Galaxy 3 phone (sticker says something about it having a credit card/ID slot, which it doesn’t have).
  • Color Fancy coloring book (was going to say “adult coloring book,” realized that would imply something completely different).
  • Battery-operated callus remover.
  • Some sort of big bulky scarf thing.
  • Roll of warning tape. Son immediately claimed for college room.
  • Roll of kinesiology tape.
  • Stick of DDR2 memory.
  • Pack of 4 “Cutequeen Green 36mm 5050 6SMD”, whatever the hell that means. Some sort of LED light thing.
  • Infant nasal aspirator.
  • Pack of 22 goodie bags for a kids party. Twist ties included!

No random sports apparel (which I was kind of rooting for, as a sports fan), which most other folks seem to have received. Oh, well. Had fun opening it. Rarely has a box of mostly useless crap been so amusing.


Could it be… is it possible… that after DECADES of trying, I have FINALLY today scored a BOC by making some stupid little monkey bounce off a parrot? It’s been all day and it hasn’t come back cancelled yet… so… fingers crossed and when I get it in July, tales of disappointment will abound!



“Bouffants or Crewcuts” has arrived! And it was not disappointing! Lots of useful stuff in here! And once again Woot! has managed to “randomly” send things that I love … I really want to know how you do that!

1 x stinky sock bag
1 x Woot! chip bag clip
1 x wireless bluetooth 4.0 headset
1 x Vera Bradley 2017 datebook … no worries, I’m keeping this until 2023! I’m using it! I love organizers!
2 x Savage gear lures - already the size of a small fish, I’m thinking my son will catch the big one with these!
1 x package of crappie baits (already claimed by son!)
1 x package of 4ct. amber spray bottles
1 x LED light bulb
1 x silicone fitbit cover (sadly does not fit my model)
1 x Oakland A’s sunglass strap
1 x pockettrip hanging toiletry kit, orange - totally useful!
1 x glass protector and clear plastic case for iphone 6 (just for future reference, Samsung S8+ gal here)
1 x ipad mini 4 origami case (sadly I do not own an ipad)
1 x ipad 4 origami case (sadly I still do not own an ipad)
1 x plastic wire cage for work light
1 x plastic tablecover
1 x taupe blackout panel
1 x Houston Texans key holder
1 x Xbox wired controller
1 x wallplate (for a switch and a telephone line … lol, who still has a land line?
1 x glass hanging terrarium / votive holder
1 x thumb wars notebook & sticker set! Where do you find this crazy stuff!?
1 x set of 4 embroidered coasters
1 x 4 piece manicure set

Lozar was visibly disappointed there was no shirt in the box for him, but he made the best of it. He found that the ipad mini case was perfect for holding up the 2017 planner. I’m not sure what he is thinking!

Thank you Woot! As always, it was totally worth it!


@FrostByte requested an official crappraisal on 6/27 for this crap.

I rate this:

For your own crappraisal, please visit Official "Crappraisals"


We care about your safety.

snicker We’re all adults here. Right?? Nope.

An iron for doll clothes?


When’s the party?


Lozar should keep a diary. He could be internet famous.

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Compared to the doll in the picture it’s a little bigger than that:)


Now that that gorgeous little girl adds scale to the picture, I’m still thinking the item could be a menorah.

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I think you may be right. It would be shaped kind of like an oil lamp. Similar in shape to this:


You might try google images matching with a good side photo. All I’m getting is plywood from your flooring. :\

Forum Winner BOC:

  • Woot Stinky Sock bag
  • Panel Wall sign holder
  • Mississippi State Clear PVC bag (Wisco Badgers fan!)
  • 3-pack of children’s clothing hangers
  • How to Catch an Elf book
  • DC Comics Decals
  • Pike’s Peak travel coffee mug
  • Tennessee Titans Samsung S6 phone case (Packers fan!)
  • There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey book
  • Wooden Wheels Fire Engine
  • DC Comics dress-up napkins
  • Blitz Unicorno 100RSF
  • 300 yards 8 lb fishing line
  • MLB Angels 2 pack team candles (vanilla-ish scent)
  • Learning wrap-ups
  • box of 55 self-sealing security envelopes
  • Kinesio Tape
  • and last, but not least, Woot! factory reconditioned chip clip

Maybe a boat bow and stern eye hook.

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Great disappointing haul for my BoC.

NY Giants light weight Hoodie.
Pittsburgh Steelers shirt.
Travel Shoe Bag
Safety Jarts set. (My Adult Daughter and her SO had no idea what Jarts were)
Arizona State Bumper Sticket
Belt Sander refill
Treat bag set
Bouncing Putty
2 Lantern Mantel replacements
Chip bag clip
and the cats are loving the Pet Water Fountain.

Thanks again Woot for all the disappointment!


A Jewish guy I work with has confirmed it is a childrens menorah, just missing the base that it would screw onto. Thanks everyone!


Yay for mysteries solved!

If you don’t plan to use it that way then you could probably smoke something out of it… not that I would recommend it or have ever done anything like that.

I’m a bit late to the party. Actually, I’m really late, since this pile of Crap is actually from Crap Day on 5/30/2019.

Here’s the pile:

Good Stuff:
Giant Inflatable Beach Ball 48" diameter
Sport Utility Gloves
Lenox Holly Leaf insulated drinking cup
Cooking Spoon
Kitten size baby bottle

OK Stuff:
White Spool of Pearls - 25 feet long
Hydration Pack
Asics Women’s Running Shirt size S
Oscilloscope Probes
Domino Set

Not So Good Stuff:
Cheap sport bracelet
“Zack Greinke” Dodgers plaque

Wooty Stuff:
Green Stinky Socks Monkey Bag

A few things might be useful.
The rest goes in the box for the charity auction Bag of Crap at Balticon this year.

Luna decided this was a good Bag of Crap to use to demonstrate her hovering abilities.


My Bag of Crap came a week or two ago, but getting the cats to start hovering can be difficult sometimes.

Here’s what was in the box (besides the cats):

Good Stuff:
Kinesiology Tape
Glad Press’n Seal, 140 sq ft

OK Stuff:
Coloring Book
Flour Sifter
Set of 3 rocker switches
2 bags of power connector adapters

Not So Good Stuff:
Captain’s Hat
Set of 4 candles
Cell phone case
Train whistle.

Wooty Stuff:
Blue Stinky Socks Monkey Bag
Woot bag clip

We’re interested in trying the Press.n Seal stuff. A few of the other items might be useful.
The rest goes in the box for the charity auction Bag of Crap at Balticon this year.

Willow shows that he knows how to hover too, at least somewhat.


I got the green bag of stinky socks, a pink iPad case, a cell phone case, a chip clip, a worlds best girlfriend keychain, a basketball planner, fishing lures, an inflatable donut, a thumb wars game, dome leds for a vehicle, 2 led bulbs, a Cleveland browns garden gnome, LSU cups, a frog nightlight, a set of camera macro tubes, 2 digital timers, and a Tennessee Titans key rack. The cat I already own.


Got my box, got to blue woot bag, a baby blue tote/purse, a travel makeup bag, adapters for laptop plug ins, a very pretty purple princess calculator, sponges, car shades, flower pot light, warning tape, woot chip clip and last but not least, Mario party for a Nintendo 64, direct from Japan!!
Now if only Woot would send me a game system in another box I’d be very grateful!!!