June 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!! 💩

Here is my Blisters on Cats Bag of Crap:
*Patriots zip up hoodie. Luckily I have a friend I can give it to.
*Woot Bag
*Woot chip clip
*12 pack of mini plastic flourish dishes
*iPhone 6 health band holder
*Child size scissors
*A lightbulb that fits our oven light
*A bath mat
*A pet super absorbent front door mat
*Three black salsa bowls
*Knife holder
*Bulldog plastic cup with straw
*Bunga stuffed animal
*A new hairbrush

This is my second Bag of Crap, and I was pretty happy with this one!! :grin: So was the cat!!


Hey Mom, this box of crap showed up so I opened it.

You got:
1 Christmas tree star
1 Christmas Serving Tray
1 Peppa’s Halloween Party Book
4 spray bottles with labels
1 Travel shoe bag
1 Ginger bread wonderland book
1 Plain cap
1 iCarPlay wireless
1 Soup bowl with cover
1 Aennon flashlight
1 woot chip clip
1 woot stinky sock bag
1 New Orleans Saints shirt
1 Purple flat design 4k audio return cable

This is the most uncrappy crap I have ever gotten. Is it bad to be disappointed because of that?

Well at least pup dog is happy… he got a new toy to play with.


MY Boogie on Cousins ARRIVED TODAY! (A day early!)

Here, for your BOC review, we have Chevy assisting me.
What, woot has everything EXCEPT SEAHAWKS stuff?
I think ever other team was included here…

A Chargers & a Jags hat, Eagles shirt, Redskins & Colts sweats and a Colts jacket. Also a Bengals necklace or something.
I may see if I can ‘fix’ that Colts jacket…
Chevy refused to pose with these ‘other football teams’.

Two Glock 9mm grip extensions. My Glock is different, but I’ll keep them!

Here, Chevy is mesmerised by the excitement of a drain brush! WOW!

Here, Chevy reviews his thoughts on the ice cube tray. Actually, my wife loves this thing.

A 2XL Mossyoak sweatshirt. Hmmm… kinda baggy. Very baggy? I’ll keep it anyway, I like it. Beer for scale. Chevy is indifferent.

A book! Chevy is wondering how long he has to keep posing with all this crap. He’s getting sleepy.

A pile of stuff (before Chev falls asleep). 3 folders, 2 more books, Chocolate molds (chocolate not included), 3 knife blade protectors and a wonderful GREEN woot bag!

Lastly (as my wife took out the socks from the bag & kept them, no pics of those…) is a woot potato chip bag clip!! YAY!!
Chevy proudly displays this cherished item. He also likes chips.

Thank you woot! Chevy has his 14th bday in a few weeks. He hung in there pretty good!!


Yes, yes he has. Give him a zillion hugs, pretty please.

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My 6/22 Digital App Crap Bouffants or Crewcuts:
-Woot Stinky Socks bag (I can bag some of crap in my truck with this)
-Woot Stale Chip clip (always need another chip clip)
-Orange nylon hanging travel toiletries bag (x2) (wife already claimed one; I can prob use the other)
-iPad mini 4 origami case (no use)
-Fright Factory creature maker (daughter maybe)
-Arkansas Razorbacks windshield decal (no use)
-Bamboo charcoal seat cushion for car or office (now I can fart all I want and no one will know?)
-manicure set (wife)
-fake nail removal kit (wife says trash)
-Washington Capitols “Forever Fan” purse (maybe daughter can play with it)
-Blitz Unicorno Striker 100RSF (x2)
(daughter maybe)
-Barbecue Apron with flames (Yay, something I can actually use; but, how will I know when I’m actually on fire, again?)


I received my boc a few days ago but waited for the family to get home from a trip so we could open it together. The kids get a kick out of it, and I get less grief about buying these when it’s a family event.

As always, thanks Woot for providing the fun disappointment!

Blast of Chlorine

Shipping info:
Est. Del.: 06/25
Weight: 5.60 lbs

0 x texas air
1 x woot bag
1 x woot chip clip
1 x tera cloth
1 x 4 pack 4oz amber spray bottles
1 x ball cap
1 x wallet case for samsung note 3
1 x x-box one battery
1 x fantastic beasts magical movie handbook
1 x how to catch an elf
1 x farmers market create-and-play activity book
1 x youth soccer training bib
1 x manicure beauty set
1 x 5pcs 1/8" 3.5mm male plug adapter connector
1 x 20,0000 mAh power bank
1 x 12 pack bouncing putty
1 x lenox holiday carved oblong platter
1 x 10 light tree top


Who’s a good boy? YOU ARE!!!

Could be our up and coming spokespuppy. Don’t tell Juno.


Give Melody some skritches from me!


My Dog is looking for our 1st BOC. It’s not coming until tomorrow!

Bouffants or Crew Cuts. I can’t wait to be disappointed.


This is my Judy forum contest crap.

1 University of Michigan clear bag
1 DC comics gadget decals
1 DC comics dress up napkins
1 blitz unicorno 100rsf (whatever that is at home)
A pack of 3 kids hangers with clips
1 300 yards of extra strong fishing line
1 Foo flyer
1 dual depth Tasmanian devil
2 my favorite people call me mama keyrings
2 world’s greatest father keyrings
1 pair hanging dolphins NFL earrings
1 pair hanging eagles football earrings
1 pair #10 Nascar earrings
1 factory reconditioned chips chip clip
1 modular Jack
1 screw in thing that I have no clue
1 Barb adaptor
1 large dog mail clipper
1 3/8"x25’ rubber air hose
There was an old lady who swallowed a turkey
How to catch an elf
1 impossible creatures computer game
1 stinky sick bag



Thanks for posting!!

This sounds more amazing than the air hose
What mail does the dog get? That needs to be clipped?

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At least it didn’t sale Male clipper. :flushed:

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How do y…

You know what? Never mind.

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My phone hates my typing… Nail

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That was fun
Can we all agree that phone spelling is NOT a good thing …yet

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  • Woot Tote
  • Small black bag with drawstring
  • Women’s Large Broncos Tee
  • Donut intertube
  • Purple HDMI cord
  • Chip Clip
  • Screen Protectors
  • Alligator Clips
  • Brown Hat
  • Intro to Track and Field Book
  • Fitbit Covers
  • Galaxy Note Case
  • Phillips Drill Bits
  • Ceramic Coffee Mill
  • GoPro Chest Harness
  • Manicure Set
  • Extra random Nail Clipper
  • Candelabra LED Lightbulb
  • Dimmable LED Lightbulb
  • Plug Repair Headphone Jack Audio Soldering Pack
  • Not pictured, Little Feat Audio DVD

1 monkey bag.
1 frog ceramic night light
2 pipe gutter filters (my Husband said these were good!
1 stale chip clip
1 Philadelphia eagles scarf
1 usb 10’ cord
1 Memphis grizzles plastic coffee cup
1 plastic flower pot
1 pack Christmas napkins
1 2017 journal
1 poppit air dry clay
Making set
1 tenkai Knight LEGO type transformer
1 4d rapidity toy (not sure what it is)
And last…but not least
A Snow White glass


My Bouffants or Crewcuts Bag of Crap

  • 2 Blitz Unicorno tops
  • 4x6 official MLB licensed San Francisco Giants 2014 World Series Champions photo Album
  • 4’ Aggie’s Football Leather Dog Leash
  • Deluxe Adult Scrimmage Vest in Black (Basically a mesh top – Hello ‘80’s – lol)
  • Weird pink hair brush for those who want to pull their hair out on purpose – lol – yep – already in the trash. Ahhh - I see what you did here. Use this brush and need a crewcut when your hair gets all knotted in the “bristles”. Use the 2 Boar brushes for the bouffant.
  • 2 “Soft Bristle” 100% Boar wave brush – sigh – if only it wasn’t “soft”. These are more for fine hair but have already re-homed.
  • 7 pack of SouthBend crossline swivels – already in the tackle box.:fishing_pole_and_fish:
  • 2 bright orange toiletry bags.
  • Delta Faucet 46090 Steel Recessed Vanity Tissue Cabinet. No use – no vanity. Plus -who buys such a tiny box of tissues? Might screw it into a shelf and use it for non-snot-rag related items – lol.
  • Blue toy plastic shovel – in the trunk for the upcoming snow season to dig tires out in case shovel #1 breaks .
  • Woot! Chip clip to prevent my chips from going stale – YES! Always love me some Woot! Swag :smiley::+1:
  • Woot! Stinky Sock bag in green – woohoo – more swag and in GREEN! :smiley::+1:
  • Strideline Philadelphia Union Socks (wow – VERY comfy).:soccer:
  • Adorable Streamline Woodland Twilights porcelain frog nightlight with spare batteries. Love frogs and this little guy really lights up a room and was really helpful when we had a 5 hour power outage last night. No stubbed toes - so the little guy did his job – lol.:frog:
  • And the piece de la resistance – Ergodyne Class 3 Zipper Hoodie in Lime Green – I say more Florescent Yellow (Wow – those are pricey!) . A little snug but I will have fun blinding my neighbors in the winter time while snow shoveling in the bright sunlight – haha. ARGH – MY EYES – MY EYES!!! Why is the sun so close? Is this the apocalypse?!?!?! Nope, just your neighbor sporting the latest in safety fashion supplied by Woot! – haha.:safety_vest:

Overall I would say equal amounts of crap and non-crap this time – lol.
:heart::+1:Thanks Woot!:+1::heart:
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