Jura Automatic Coffee Machines

$1699 for a reconditioned coffee maker? WOW. I can’t imagine liking coffee that much.

Considering the Jura Impressa J9’s run $3600 MSRP ($2600 new on Amazon), this is a pretty good deal if you want a really good espresso machine for home.

Also, the design guys over at Apple love coffee enough to buy ridiculously expensive machines ( http://fourhourworkweek.com/2013/12/08/jony-ive/ ). Not that I would ever spend more than a couple hundred bucks on a coffee/espresso machine (right now, at least), but there are plenty of people who love coffee enough to purchase this.

I really want one of these - but my $250 Saeco is (still) running too well…

Yeah - they’re expensive, but the coffee they make truly is superior. Coffee is literally the only vice I have left, it’s worth the green…

I was just in Europe for some equipment training. The breakroom had a Jura - the $999 one, I think.

The thing is truly automatic. Press a button, and an excellent cup of coffee (or espresso, or other drink) comes out on demand. Completely fresh. No pods. The spent coffee is ejected in little pressed “cakes”.

The most impressive thing? It just kept on running without issue, never skipped a beat. One guy said that he wished that their own equipment (think precision, Swiss manufacturing robot) was as reliable.

Suddenly makes the $999 they’re asking elsewhere for the z7 refurb sound reasonable…

I bought a refurb’d Jura F9 about eight years ago, elsewhere, for about $1500. at the time, the F9 was jura’s premier machine and selling for over $3k new. Their factory refurbs arrive looking VERY new(all trim pieces on mine were new and covered with that wonderful blue plastic wrap).
Since then this unit has dispensed over 4000 shots of espresso. We have hot and iced cappucinos every day.
The machine is fussy, you have to balance your roast/oil content of your beans. Super expensive, super oily beans do NOT work well with these machines and you have to lay them out on paper towels before putting them in. I actually use a bulk espresso bean that get on @mazon in 5lb bags for $35. (there is little more tiresome than a coffee snob who lectures on varietal beans…buy the cheapest dark roasted, lightly oiled, beans you can.)
Jura used to offer, maybe they still do, $250 flat rate maintenance that I believe includes two-way shipping. I’ve used it twice and both times had the machine back within a week( I would attribute both malfunctions to oily beans).
These jura machines make excellent coffee…if our current machine breaks down again, I will replace it immediately and would not hesitate to buy another refurb.

do not buy Jura consumables, substitute cleaning and decalcifying tablets are available elsewhere for much less.