Jura Automatic Coffee Machines

Does this unit comes with a milk container?

Wow that coffee looks unappetizing. I didn’t know it was possible to screw up coffee machine advertising photography.

I believe they come with their own cow (hence the price) in for 3

Looks like they mixed up the beer with the coffee.

Got the F5 last time around Hard to do initial setup, but well worth the effort. One button dispenses a good cup of fresh-ground, HOT, coffee whenever desired.

I’ve had my Jura super-automatic coffee center for almost ten years. Love it. Totally.

Apparently you’ve never seen an espresso shot as it comes out of the machine - they’re milky at first & then the crema rises to the top. These look fairly perfect.

I had my machine for over 15 years …perfect coffee, espresso, cappuccino…perfect crema - if you are a coffee lover this is one of the best coffee machines…forget Keurig!
Just realize although it is totally automatic, you will need to descale it and clean periodically with special tablets and cleaning fluid.

For these prices, they better harvest coffee beans, too.

Page 14 of the manual says the S9 comes with the frothXpress-plus which I believe is inclusive of the milk container. Unfortunately, nothing but a filter and cleaning supplies came with my order. I’ve asked for woot support on this and am hopping they will have it sent to me.

Hmmmm. Not sure if it’s included in the Reconditioned ones or not.

Best thing to do would be to contact Jura directly. They’re the ones that would have parts to send you.