Jura Capresso Burr Grinder Black

Reviews on Amazon are far from stellar. Also, if you’re a Prime customer, it’s $39.74 on Amazon, and here it’s $39.99 with shipping unless you’ve already bought something today. I’m not sure this is much of a bargain, but hey, it’s your money.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, this Capresso burr grinder is excellent. I have one, and I love it. It makes a uniform grind as coarse or as fine as I want it to be, and it’s actually quite quiet, even for a burr grinder.

If you currently have a blade grinder (the kind where you drop the beans in and press a button to cause the blade inside to spin very fast and pulverize the beans, you may want to try this grinder as an introduction to burr grinders (reviews aside). Blade grinders get very hot very quickly and scorch your beans; you can taste it in the coffee. Burr grinders create a far more uniform grind and don’t heat the beans in the process of griding them, so you get a much better-tasting cup of coffee.

Wow, Woot, this isn’t a deal at all, 2.25 stars from 46 people and a couple pennies more than Amazon since shipping is free even if you aren’t Prime, because items over $25 ship super saver which is almost always faster than Woot. This will be a long sell out.

Nice explanation of what coffee grinding is all about. Checked the link … the grinder you afficianados use is a bit rich for us proletariats. Before I got my free blade grinder from Gevalia, it was instant coffee. Now, after grinding coffee beans, the only instant I can stomach is Taster’s Choice, which BTW, is pretty pricey. Soon, I’ll be able to justify spending money on buying a burr grinder … then the expensive coffee beans … then give it all up and wind up at Starbucks buying the same thing for about the same price.