Jura Capresso Coffee Machines & Such

I have the S9 (from woot) and the milk cooler. Very nice combo if you make a lot of lattes / cappuccinos. Overkill for most home use, but great for a small office.

I’ve owned the F7 for a few years. This is very close to it. I could never return to a normal coffee maker. This one has me so spoiled! Even in the finest restaurants, I miss the crema that this and other high end superautomatic machines produce with each cup of home brewed coffee. Overkill? I think not?? Quite the contrary…an affordable luxury that can be enjoyed for years! Every member of my family has purchased one of these after trying it. Fear not…your money will be well invested.

Note: My review assumes you like good coffee :slight_smile: That means black, no cream or sugar as you can sweeten or lighten any inferior coffee to taste like cream and sugar. If you enjoy the finer coffees, and their nuances of flavor (such as Jamaican Blue Mountain or Kona from Hawaii) you WILL love this coffee maker!!