Jura Coffee-Related Machines

Used car or used coffee machine… tough call…

Sometimes when you break down cost of use on an item like this to someone who spends a lot of money at starbucks or other coffee shops, makes sense. I’m not going to spew a big math spreadsheet here, BUT:

If someone works near a starbucks, or say stops every morning before work because they want a latte, espresso (whatever else)
Average cost would be $3-$4 (which is cheap). Say out of the 5 days a week they stop 3 times, assuming after tax, thats $10 or more (easy number to work with)

$10 x 3 times a week = $30

$30 x 52 weeks =$1560.

Some weeks people stop more and I am estimating a lower cost also for some drinks and this doesnt include stupid things like tip or whatever else, maybe gas if you drive out of the way.

So one year, 3 times a week can cost people upwards of $1500 or more. Thats 2 of these machines (not the big guy but still).

Except that they’ll STILL stop at Starbucks anyway. That kind of logic always looks nice on paper, but never holds up in reality.

I have a JURA S9 in my office, and it produces (on average) about 5 coffees for me each day. I have a Starbucks downstairs, but I’ve never had to go there.

Yes, there is some cost savings, but bigger than that is the time savings, particularly for those who don’t have a Starbucks downstairs. (Ever stand in line at a Starbucks in the morning? Sometimes it’s 30 minutes!)

The machines that do 1-touch milk-based coffees (like lattes and cappuccinos) only make sense if you’re making enough coffees with them in a one-day time period that the cleaning cost gets amortized. At home, since I only make one or two coffees, I use simpler machine (the Magnifica), and so I can easily clean it up after each latte.

Lastly, these JURA machines apparently like to be babied and cared for. Filtered water. Water filters. Special cleaners. etc. etc. I have had no problems with mine (bought here, refurbished). I’m trying to cut back on coffee since on some days I may have 20 espresso shots, but other than that, no regrets!

No, I have a $20 Aeropress.

I paid almost double that price for the ENA Micro 9 recently. Feeling kinda stupid now.

It’s a great machine though – makes an excellent cappuccino without much fuss or taking up much counter space. Only complaint is that the water tank is tiny and has to be refilled after every 2-3 uses.

There’s no doubt that these things make awesome coffe. I have a super automatic. In fact, I love it so much I actually have a spare machine for when this one eventually croaks. The total cost for both is less that the cheapest offering here.

However - no amount of math will change the fact that if you have $3500 to spend on a coffee machine you have pretty serious f**k you money. That’s insane.

PS - Starbucks coffee is burnt swill.

No its not, some roasts are extremely robust which give off a burnt taste but if u sit down and actually taste all their different roasts, maybe 3 are dark to a point of someone thinking its burnt.

Not to blow chunks all over your math spew, but you didn’t factor in the cost of COFFEE, consumables, electricity, maintenance, (dishware and cleaning if going green?) beyond the cost of the machine so we are more in the neighborhood of 7-8 years before your ROI kicks in. You also loose the social experience (like spitting on those in front of you asking for a coffee concoction that makes one’s head spin or the new racial awareness experience).

If you have the money and want to use it before you die or the government takes it from you, I say go for it though. If you EARNED IT, SPEND IT.

Don’t need a car to get to your coffee if you have this at home. It’s a wash.

Now if you had said one of everything woot is offering today (and I could have tripled up on the wine) vs. a used coffee machine, I’d be seriously conflicted

factory reconditioned? so these machines have made other people’s coffee?

if I can be guaranteed that only the highest quality authentic Black Ivory has been passed through the machine that would be shipped out to me, I’m in.

otherwise, you can keep your traces of Klatch, Bird Rock and Folgers after taste.

I drink pieces of sh… better than Starbucks for breakfast.


is there an eye-roll emoticon?

I bought a Jura F9 refurbed almost ten years ago, it has been just about flawless ever since.
I believe the counter is at about 8800 shots now. we avg 2 shots of coffee per drink so I think we’re pretty well ahead of the cost/cup curve…plus it’s just nice to have a coffee in the morning without driving for one.
This machine has been fantastic, I’ve been kind of hoping for it to die so I could upgrade, but all it requires is the occasional cleaning/decalcifying session.

Machines are rather sensitive to oily beans. The oil eventually gums up the press inside. I’ve discovered that some roasters oil their beans to make the look, well, oily. A good espresso roast will have very little oil, and I’ve found a fair trade espresso in 5lb bags for under $50.

False, I cut my Wife’s starbucks trips from 5x/wk to less than 1/wk.

Have a Jura Z6 at the office. Boss bought it to cut down on the time people would leave the office to go to Starbucks down the street. It doing its job.

It has done 24k plus shots (single shots, double shots, regular cups combined) the last 6 years, and had to be sent in for service twice. We don’t use filtered water, but do have to run through cleaning cycles for scaling and all. And we buy good beans (Illy, Lavazza or similar quality). Yes, its not cheap - its a business expense.