Jura Espresso Machines

I have used Jura-Capresso machines for over 20 years. Do Not worry about the cost -whatever you pay it is worth it. On some level you will re-coup your money by your Starbucks savings. But more important is the luxury of having the best coffee drink at hand 24/7. You cannot be disappointed in the quality of the drink , the Machine and their customer service (their customer service should be taught in business schools).

I got the S9 here last year. Came with a milk container, but I bought the “milk fridge” add-on. Absolutely love it. No problems to date, but there are many stories online about how you have to be good about cleaning it, and eventually you’ll need to send it for service, which is $500 a pop. So it’s not cheap, but it makes a very nice espresso / americano / latte / cappuccino.

Thanks for this -

I have been able to recoup my Starbucks spend by never, ever going there - their coffee isnt really coffee (as you probably discovered through virtue of this machine) and what they claim is coffee is generally over watery coffee milkshakes

You’re a Espresso Machine!

An insulated carafe? Thermos-like? Does this one come with that?

How long does it keep the milk reasonably ‘fresh’? We have an undercounter fridge right next to where the machine would go. Given the tubing attachment, would it be ‘better’ to just use the insulated jug instead of the cooler? We’d only be using the machine morning/evening, not all day long.

Milk fridge thing: A few days is ok, but I do like to clean it once a day.

Cooler would be fine; just stick it in the fridge when you’re away. :slight_smile:

Ok, mine showed today. That I’m posting at 1am EDT is probably due to be wired up from too many test shots from it!

I’m PO’d that Woot support was WRONG when I asked if it came with the milk container (standard on new units). They said it didn’t, so I ordered one via Amazon. Lo and behold the unit arrived today and there’s a milk container in the box. Gee, great, now I have to return the other over-priced one…

But back to the machine, setup was a breeze and it works really nicely, thus far. It’s brain-dead simple to operate.

Looking forward to a wired Halloween tomorrow!