Jura Espresso Machines

Unless that milk foamer gives hummers, 1k for an espresso machine is a little steep.

There is a rarefied atmosphere in espresso circles. For some, it gives more fun and satisfaction than, say, a BIG screen TV or a Rolex watch.

I have an $900 La Pavoni that only boils water and you have to crank down on a lever to get it to squirt out the espresso. Now, I found mine at a thrift store for $40, but I do understand how nice it is to get a really good bit of gear.

I bought a refurb’d Jura F9 in '06. Since then it’s dispensed 9000 shots of espresso, at 2-3 shots per beverage, that’s 3000-4000 lattes. There is value in a quality machine…but, as the saying goes “if ya gotta ask…”
Compared to something like those sh*tty keurig machines, your cost per cup will probably be about half.

Well put, some people gawk at initial cost of items, for example on a lighter note, a Keurig coffee machine, I understand some people may not want to spend $200 when you can buy a coffee pot for say 9.99; but after years of constant use and quick coffees every morning or when you get home from work adds up and pays off. ESP now the cost per cup is 1.50+

Best laugh of the morning!

I love it how people bought K-cup adapters to save money and “fill their own.” Which is basically what they were doing with a #2 cone filter on a single cup drip machine.

How often do you have to descale you unit, assuming you have hard water?

descale every six months, clean(with tablets) once a month to six weeks.

Jura used to offer flat rate $250 repairs, don’t know if this is still their policy.
I’ve kind of been hoping that my machine would break down at some point so I could buy a spiffy new one, the thing just keeps chugging away.

Keurig machines are disposeable. They basically give you the lousy machines, and just want to sucker you into buying coffee for $50/lb. The lifespan of a keurig machine is a couple of years. during that time , if you brew two cups a day, you’ve used 1500 of those non-recyclable world destroying cups.
At .65 to .75 a k-cup, in two years you’ll spend $100 on a machine and $1200 on coffee. buy a capresso and you’ll spend .40c for a triple shot of great coffee, have a machine that will last you ten years.
Keurig is a devolutionary product, which crams 24 individual servings into packaging the size of a 5lb bag of coffee…which yields 250 shots.
Individual non-recyclable cups get put into 12-serving chipboard, those get packed into 12 pack outer cardboard cases, which then need to be shipped, stacked, stored, heated. unpacked, put on a shelf where they occupy 10x the space of grounds or beans. it is the OPPOSITE of an efficient solution.
Finally, Keurig coffee sucks ass. I haven’t had a cup of it two years, and don’t plan on ever having another.

My one caveat is that if you have company over, it takes a several minutes to make, say, 6 coffees. People often enjoy making their own.

My guess is that this will not be someone’s first espresso machine. I had 3 other machines before buying a Jura. The early Seco machines worked great and I still use one of them in my office today. The Jura pulls a great tasting shot and looks great on the counter. I use these machines every day and the Jura is a big upgrade. If you want a good looking dependable machine that makes great coffee I recommend a Jura (Swiss Made) and a fresh Med roast been.

Is there a difference between the Impressa J9.3 and the Impressa J9? Is one a revised model, or are they just the same thing? Thanks!

Thank you for your ignorant comment and math that is completely wrong and no where near actual costs of things BUT I was trying to break down simple day to day use as compared to going to a coffee shop everyday but since you know how much I spend on my coffee every day let me break it down for you a little better.

I actually do not spend $50 a pound of coffee on those little pods that rot in the earth. I get K cups from Trader Joes on sale or other eart conscious markets, made with all recyclable and biodegradable material which costs me roughly .27 cents a cup (or less)vwhen I buy them on sale, so your numbers couldnt have been more wrong.

On to the next comment, about how Keurig “sucks ass”, I have had my machine for 4 years (still going) (hardly disposable) and change the filter regularly and clean my machine once every 2 month. Anything lasts longer if you take care of it (i was thinking this was common knowledge) and yes maybe Keurig coffee “sucks ass” there are MANY other types of coffee you can buy as grounds and use the machine to brew.

I am sure this coffee machine is fantastic and yields a delicious cup of coffee but please get off your high horse and open your eyes before you blindly bash something (esp since you interpreted was I said completely wrong) Don’t worry though, next time I will try my best to use smaller words I suppose so you can keep up ;).

I got the S9 the last time Woot had them. We’ve used the hell out of it over the past few months. It’s been fantastic. For brunch we’ve had it make back-to-back Latte Machiattos, usually a half-dozen in a row. Never a delay due to the double boiler design. That and the display babysits you through any necessary cleaning steps, or telling you when to empty the grounds tray. It even rinses itself based on what you’ve made (the frother, etc).

Sure it’s pricey but it’s been absolutely worth it.

Snarkiness never pays off.

Someone who is pointing out the ecological concerns that confront people who don’t have access to earth-friendly K cups is valid.

You are correct that, as opposed to spending $4 for a coffee at some shop, making your own is a wise choice if the social aspects of getting out are not in the mix.

[Incidently, the local BIG chain of “Kwik Trip” convenience stores put in fully auto one cup premium coffee makers in EACH store at a cost of $25,000 each! $1.99 a cup.]

There are so many levels of coffee drinkers! I live near Iowa, which (in my experience) is famous for weak coffee and vast amounts of Folgers being consumed. (Talk about being snarky, that was kinda. Sorry, Iowans.)

Some think it nuts that I buy specialty coffee. Others think it is nuts that I grind beans. Some find it very odd that I sometimes order green beans and roast them.

They are not ignorant, they are just not that involved with coffee.

Many K-cup users are making one cup in the morning and that’s it.

For others, coffee and espresso is a passion.

I have at least five ways of making coffee ranging from a Vietnamese Phin dripper to a fully electronic automatic Turkish coffee maker (made in Turkey!).

I AM seeing an increasing # of Keurig machines at Goodwill, and a LOT of wannabee systems that never took off.

Sadly, no Juras! But I have my $40 La Pavoni Europicolo, so I can’t complain.

It’s also well known that the plasticizers k-cups turn you into an insufferable doucheb@g.