Jura Espresso Makers

damn I wish my jura would break down so I could buy one of these new superautos!

Bought a jura(F9) refurb’d about 11 years ago! still going strong about 9000 espresso shots later. I make my wife and myself a latte almost every morning.
They are fussy about beans, overly oily beans will clog the machine(my old machine anyway). I buy free trade organic beans from woots parent company for about $10/lb.
much better than a keurig, and green-er.

Does this include the milk container?


No, it does not.

Is the broiler aluminum, stainless steel or brass?

My Jura E8 is also going on 10 years of daily use. Far superior to Keurig or anything else. After about 7 years I did replace the rubber gaskets using a kit from evilbay that ran around $20.

Not that I wouldn’t mind a thousand dollar espresso machine, but I have hard well water and have to get by with my $20 used Krups pumper and my $6.99 Mr. Coffee pumper as backup. Gotta love unwanted wedding presents at Goodwill.

The Z7 comes with a water filter that is inserted into the water tank. This will eliminate any limescale buildup inside the machine. Replacement filters are also available at most retailers.

Nice to know! My “backup” is a La Pavoni with a lever that doesn’t use a mechanical pump…but it takes too long to heat up in the rushed morning!