Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center

**Item: **Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center
Price: $699.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Lot’s of additional info can be found over at jura.com

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Had this been one of the Juras with the attachable milk containers that does really everything with the touch of a button, I would have been tempted. This is not the Jura of my dreams. And I’ve been dreaming about them since spending a week with a friend who has one that makes amazing coffee with virtually no effort. Sigh. Think hers cost about $3000.

AAAAHHHH The things us humans will do for a taste of the “BEAN”!!!

We have one at our office, gets used about 30 times a day. Works great after 9 months, no problems at all and it makes a great espresso (Kick Ass Beans at Amazon, or Lavazza).

As regards a milk container, they sell a Jura Thermos which attaches to this machine and holds about 20 oz. and keeps our milk chilled all day (most people at the office just take espresso, no milk). It’s a bit pricey, about $70, but well crafted. We put it in the refrigerator overnight and it will keep the milk chilled from 7am - 5pm.

We are very impressed with this unit and this is deal is about $200 less than we paid.

These make the best coffee. I’ve had one for about ten years. still works great.

We have an F60 (I think it is). It’s about 5 years old. We make 4-5 cups per day on average. The machine has been back to Capresso 3 (4?) times this year for repair. First time was on our dime, all the rest on theirs as it has died again and again within the 90 day warranty. I would not buy a refurbed Jura personally.

I purchased a jura ena micro 1 machine (not this one) from woot. I want to comment on the machine and it’s condition. I was actually able to speak to the person who handles these items at their warehouse, he had mentioned how these machines are pretty much brand new, and he was correct. My machine (no froth) was too new to be true! It arrived well packed and did not appear to have any evidence of being a refurbished machine. I love my jura ena micro 1 machine and Everyone is impressed by it! Great machine!

We bought a refurbished Jura C5 from Woot last year (same thing as this, slightly less advanced), and it has worked perfectly ever since, multiple times a day. My coffee snob family and I love it. Seriously awesome machine, very reliable so far.

One hint: buy cleaning tablets from Amazon (Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets) they cost 1/10 as much as the Jura ones.

I bought the C5 here as well and after discussions with WOOT and Jura, returned it. It might make a good cup of coffee, but made bad espresso. No matter how you set it up/adjusted it, you couldn’t get more than a 7-10 second pull on a shot of espresso. For proper espresso you need to be between 25-30 seconds. Went with a semi-automatic instead.


You might want to check out the Owners Manual to determine “ease of use”?

We bought a refurbed F90 (same machine, larger water tank) 5 years ago, and can’t imagine life without it. 5-6 cups of coffee a day, because we work from home, and it’s still going like a champ. No major problems (knock on wood) although two of the plastic decorative covers have come off, neither has a whit to do with making coffee, so we don’t mind.
It makes consistently very good coffee, time after time, with very little effort on our part. I love these machines, and am tempted to buy this one just in case ours dies unexpectedly!

Here’s an interesting look at the internal maintenance that should probably be considered, although it’s probably true of all automatics, not just this one. The narrator is obviously selling his company’s service vs. Jura but worth looking at nonetheless.

Me too!!! Came back from Europe with some decent beans. Never happier. Fast & easy…

As a representative of Jura, I can assure everyone that our machines are the easiest to clean on the market. The creator of the link below is an unauthorized service dealer who has a personal axe to grind with Jura because we don’t trust him to service our machines. We sell him no parts and void the warranty on our machines if they are serviced by him.

As the other posts have suggested, if you truly enjoy the freshest coffee beverages, you will not find a machine better than a Jura.

About eleventy-billion videos like these beg to differ:



I had heard of coffee snobs before but 7 BILLS FOR A COFFEE MACHINE??? Seriously???

But it’s your dough and you can spend it how you want to. But 7 BILLS FOR A COFFEE MACHINE??? Seriously???

Jura. Best. Experience. Ever.

Yes, a hand pulled shot from a $10000 machine by a barista with years of training and experience may be marginally better. But I push one button, while bleary eyed each morning, and get pretty close to perfection from my Jura. Seriously, it is my favorite device ever; just bought another one for the office… it is THAT good. I’ve used it every day for the past 5 years. Worth every penny.