Jura One-Touch Automatic Coffee Center

In for one! thanks woot!
My F9 is over TEN years old, it has dispensed 10,000 cups and is acting up. Time to put her down.

I bought my F9 refurbished in 04. since then she’s been repaired twice($250/svc as I recall). Both of these repairs were due to a buildup of oil from the excessively oily beans I was getting the first few years I owned this maching.
I really can’t think of any other appliance I’ve had for ten years that gets daily use.
My biggest beef with the F9 is the small tank/hopper/puck containers, and the s9 seems to address these. (there’s little worse in life than the dreaded “triple play” of having the tank alert, the bean alert and the waste alert go off in the same session).

These are great machines, glad woot brought them back.

I’ve had an S9 for about a year and a half, with a bit over 2500 drinks made. You can never have too big of a water reservoir, or bean hopper! It’s been reliable so far. I hope the GIGA 5 comes down in price in the future, I’d love to be able to have 2 different types of beans in it. It’d also be nice to find some way to plumb these in, I might just run a water line to it and cobble something together.

look around for small float valves, I toyed with this idea a little while back, but potential for a leak in my new kitchen scared me off.

Glad you enjoy your S9, can’t wait for mine…I’m gonna bring my f9 to the office and use it til it craps out.

Yeah, I plan on doing that. I’m replacing my countertops with concrete, so I’m going to see if there’s some way I can hid a water line without having it be an eyesore for the next owner!

dammit woot…I waited a month for this thing to come back around. I had to pay extra to schedule my delivery with fedex.
folowed the instructions, opened the unit up, did initial rinse.
Installed the filter did the initial fill with that, water no longer dispenses out the nozzle. the initial rinse dispensed into the tray, causing a fault that prompts “empty tray” warning.
The unit has never made a cup of coffee…