Jura One-Touch Automatic Coffee Center

great machines, I had an F9 refurb for 11 years, replaced with a refurb’d S9 from Woot. The S9 is the same machine without the increased sized water tank and hopper.
The S9 is pretty big, so this thing must be huge, if it fits under your cabinet I doubt you’d be able to fill the bean hopper without sliding it out, as the bean lid flips up about 3 or 4".

Jura’s make excellent coffee, I got over 10,000 shots of espresso out of my first(it’s still in use at my office).

They are really emphasizing the whole “use at the office” thing in the description - just out of curiosity, does this mean that this is UL certified for commercial use, and using in a commercial setting is covered by the warranty?