Jura One-Touch Automatic Coffee Center

**Item: **Jura One-Touch Automatic Coffee Center
Price: $999.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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At a job a few years back we had one, or at least a similar model. It was great, keep it filled with beans and water, and all you do is put your cup in a hit a button, and it grinds the beans and makes coffee or espresso, and a very good cup at that.

Let’s check out the product page

Let’s read the FAQ’s and warranty info

Hey now…at $999.99 I hope it comes with a barista that works the early morning hours.

Sells for $1,599.99 @ Costco NEW!!!

I have a Jura Automatic Coffee Center. It’s not this one, just don’t have all the buttons. I love the coffee it makes. With a regular coffee maker I would drink the first cup them throw the rest out, no more throwing out bad coffee. The only bad thing I can say is the cleaning of this coffee maker. You have to have a descaling cleaner for the water tank and cleaner tablets for the grinder , they are not cheap.

And I thought my Keurig did it all, pssssshhh in for 3

I linked it!

Wasn’t this $799 a few weeks back on woot plus? It was sold out at that time. It was all stainless finish (chrome) model. Same factory refurbished. Now they bumped up $200 more this time with black model. Not sure why.

Here is a link for it.

Drat, we forgot that in the features:

• Barista not included

Since you’re qualifying it, shouldn’t it be:
• Hot, red headed barista not included.


I would not pay that much for a coffee pot. No way, No how. A black and Decker or store brand would work just as good for my use.

Does this come with the insulated stainless steel milk container? I didn’t see that listed.

I have the Jura C9 (this model, S9, is a step up from that) and I love it.

No, this is the first time we’ve sold this unit.

Different model numbers.
This has the One Touch Feature

You can program this one for up to 4 different program (a program for 4 different people!) or up to 4 different drinks.

Spout heights are different.
Larger water tank capacity.

Yes, it does.

• As for frothing, that’s automatic as well, the Jura S9 draws milk from an insulated stainless steel container and froths it directly into your waiting cup

Why would you want to pay $600 more for the same unit?

Can we get this woot in stainless steel?

I’ve had the Jura Capresso F7 (different model than this one) for over 11 years now. Paid $1,500 new and have repaired it twice with Jura (at about $200 each time). If you love coffee, you’re going to love this machine!