Jurassic Mario

Now that’s funny. Love it… now if only it wasn’t a green shirt.

Mario better hope that T-Rex trips on a turtle.

Definitely click bait title. I am amused. Everything not in the car looks so hungry and Mario’s mustache is surprised enough for three ; )

Who knew plumbing was such a dangerous profession?

Oh oh oh!

Phenomenal Mash-up. Gorgeous shirt.
Kinda wild how fantasy, science, science fiction and cartoon all come together. Great job, Taylor Rose!!!

Based on your avatar, I’m guessing you would be Yoshi in this scenario. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wat r u doing?

That’s one pissed off Yoshi!

This shirt is epic.

Nintendo should make a pseudo game where Yoshi and Co. turn on the protagonists.

Thinking it should have been named ‘Jurassic Kart’. Great design, congrats!

This will be my first Woot shirt in years.

How is the sizing on these? When I bought my last woot shirt (2008?) I remember them running small. Is that still the case?

They can make that one next…

Should have been “Jurassic Kart”

Love Luigi’s face. Is he confused (as always?) or does he understand the perilous situation? Conversation piece!

I wish it was Bowser chasing them. Then it would have been perfect.

I’m pretty slim, usually wearing a medium even from Banana Republic, but I buy a large for Woot shirts. FWIW, the ones they use now are cut pretty similar to AA, but not quite that small.

Thanks, almost ordered my normal large, but I’ll go XL!

First Day Sales: 564