Jurassic Punk

See, for those looking for the “steampunk” in tees… Well, here’s Gimetzco’s “punk” to go with isaboa’s “steam” from yesterday XD

don’t usually like white shirts but I love the anarchy symbol xD

Punk? But that looks like a velociRAPtor to me!

Oh Yeah, I’m going there.

Boring white shirt.

Perhaps if he had seen this shirt, John Hammond would have thought twice before resurrecting the dinosaur.

Thanks for the reminder, Woot, but I check out the Reckoning ALL the time!

“Mr. Hammond, after careful consideration, I’ve decided not to endorse your band.”

Just goes to show that you can’t survive without government.

Don’t like the movie, but I do like the shirt. Exactly right colors + stomp of attitude.

LOL! Well, everyone loves Dinosaurs that are IN YOUR FACE!

Completely unrelated to this shirt, but I do love the new Reckoning callout at the top of the site. It’s a good reminder to folks that may not stop here every day.


Eh, this shirts a little to much “Punk” for my style.

Besides its historically inaccurate. Velociraptors were from Cretaceous period…


You know, if you buy one of these for your kid, they’ll instantly have a costume for Halloween…

They can be Dinosaur Jr.

What size boots does he need to fit his claws?

This shirt caused the dinosaurs to go extinct

Probably size 50, but don’t worry, they’re steel toed boots… Proper reinforcement for blades like those.

Oops - in the tiny picture I thought it said Jurrasic Puck. I was hoping for dino-hockey.