JUS by Julie Juice Cleanses

"The cleanse is designed to rid your body of unwanted toxins that cause your body pain, bloating and discomfort. "


Have to love the $0.01 savings on the 1 day cleanse… I’m in for 3! Not.

Full price BS? Thanks Woot!

Ya, why is woot well woo. Their has been some studies to come out recently that juice cleanses are bad for you besides…

OR you could buy a pretty badass juicer and make any of these yourself for less money…

But something tells me this is for people with more money than sense.


For just $500 i will sell you a three part kit of special enhanced organic terra rocks that keep aliens away.

“All day every day”

The point of a juice cleanse is to gie your body a chance to catch up. Yes, your organs do a great job of cleaning out toxins all on their own, but but when you’re constantly taking more artificial preservatives & man-made chemicals in, they never get a chance to play catch-up. It’s like how you can’t empty out your in-box at work because people keep dumping more work into it. Doing a juice cleanse is your liver’s equivalent of going in to work on a Saturday and catching up on emails.

And the point of buying it off woot is the $5 shipping. Have you seen how much this stuff costs to ship normally??? YIKES. Yes, you could buy a juicer and make your own, but then you’ve got another kitchen appliance taking up dust that you’ll never use again, just like that Margaritaville™ Margarita Master you bought back in the 90s. And yes, there are stores that sell these items that may be local for you–but not everyone lives near you.

I’ve tried the JUS by Julie, as I live near her shops in Brooklyn.

They taste really delicious. Each one is to die for.

You will feel great the first day, good the second day and weak by the 3rd day. It WILL clean your system. You WILL feel good about that.

Do not try this if you are looking to lose weight. You will lose 5 lbs. and gain back 3.

Pseudoscience at best… Your body is not a email account. These sorts of analogies lend no credible insight into the biology of the human liver. This makes me think of a colleague who though he should drink a beer every morning to kick start his liver into metabolizing the booze from the night before. Talk to a doctor about this before you wast your money on this snake oil.

There may be a lot of pseudoscience in this, but real science shows that fruit juice has all the sugar and a fraction of the nutrients. Get a nutribullet or something similar and make something healthy. These juice “fads” carry about as much logic as “I’m just not going to eat anything for 5 days, that’ll cleanse me.”

If e-mail is the analogy, a juice cleanse is similar to jacking up your spam filter - sure you’ll get rid of lots of junk, but you’re also going to get rid of a lot of things you want/need in the process.

Holy sh*t. I think I’ve found my new savior.

What’s super sad is that I ALSO today got an email from plumdistrict for the exact same 3 day cleanse + meal plan for $99 - so even cheaper, although I am betting shipping is pricier. http://www.plumdistrict.com/national/33559-3day-juice-cleanse-meal-plan?aff_id=

Although there they inflated the base price to $200.

Either way, NOT a bargain on either site!

Worse than juices for toxins.

I was checking out reviews on AZ of distillers and one fellow was complaining that some distiller did not produce clean enough water for him to make a “silver colloidal suspension.” I looked it up and it is a discredited 19th century pre-antibiotic treatment for curing…something.

Holy F people, this is 2015! What next, a drink to cure noxious miasmas and evil humours?

This clearly states that it’s not real juice, hence the reason it’s called JUS.

This is NOT a juice cleanse. Woot should not be selling it as such. Yes, it’s a liquid, but it’s certainly not the cold-pressed juice you should be using for a cleanse.

Your body already has natural cleansers, they are called your liver and kidneys.

A co-worker of mine was really into this stuff. Every time I would show him studies that this did not work his exact words were: “If you don’t believe it will work then it won’t work.”

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” True 500 years ago when it was first said, still true today.

Why would I buy this from Woot, when it’s available from the mother ship for the same price plus FREE overnight shipping??


I cleanse daily and release all sorts of toxins out of my body.

It’s called pooping.