Juslyn Estate 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack

Juslyn Estate 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack
$98.99 + $5 shipping
2 Juslyn Vineyards 2005 Spring Mountain Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
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i see something you don’t see every day

black tie special

High-priced Napa Cab? This one is easy to pass up.

At 75% Cab/15% Merlot/8% Cab Franc, though, this looks like more of a left-bank Bordeaux-style blend. Interesting. (HT: cjsiege, for teaching me the difference between left- and right-bank Bordeaux at the last NoVa gathering. :))

Fancy numbers please!

Alc? pH? TA? Case production?

I’d better dust off my monocle and take the top hat out of storage, cause I’m in for 1!

And what’s the style supposed to be here? From the glowing review of RP and the 5 years from vintage, I would guess this leans towards the new world style. Anybody around to confirm/deny these rumours/accusations? :slight_smile:

Got to admit that mill has excellent taste (and a quick trigger finger). Has he/she signed up for rat duty?

I do wonder how a cigar box tastes, because apparently it was one of the tasting notes in the description. Easy pass for me, because this isnt just outside my budget, its space far outside my budget.

What’s the world coming to? 95 Parker Points ™ and has to be sold at 30%-50% off original intended retail. I guess $50 95 points is the new $100 95 points.

Avg price in CT around $72, no review under 94 points, and a “drink by 2027” cellaring recommendation? Seems more like a screaming value than a pazzzzzzzz to me (for you, of course… TIWBM still in effect here).

Looks like this gets some good marks!

In for two; one set to drink, and one set to give as gifts during the upcoming holidays.

Seriously, this seems like a a very good buy for anyone who has enjoyed the '05 Spring Mtn Cabs. All the reviews (RP, and CT) seem to indicate that this is a blow-you-away wine that’s worth the extra fundage.

Just to be clear, “I WANT THREE”. Can afford zero :frowning:

This gives me hope that some Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon might show up on Woot some day.

Can’t wait big big Napa cab at half price California i’m coming home.

Better break out my tie.


Wow, this is a killer deal. Need to figure out if I can afford one.

exactly here’s hoping it will be on the next woot off

I’m impressed, Woot is moving up in the wine world. What’s next? Harlan Estate and Screaming Eagle?

Prices aren’t usually less during woot off. They just sell more wine at the same price, and that is usually a good deal.