Juslyn Vineyards Perry's Red Blend - Your Choice

Juslyn Vineyards Perry’s Blend Red Blend - (Your Choice: 2-Pack or 2-Pack with Gift Box)
2014 Perry’s Blend Red Blend, Spring Mountain District, Napa Valley

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Spendy! Any rodents out there? This probably would have been a great bottle with our rib roast Friday night.

Juslyn makes great wine, at least every bottle I have had.

Seems to be priced about where lowest of online prices are, before shipping. Other vintages are in the same range. So the value is in the shipping…

Bounty Hunter Wine says, *The 2014 Juslyn “Perry’s Blend” has it all. It’s primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, and has an enviable track record: 10 vintages have scored 90 and up in The Wine Advocate, with 2 vintages (the 2005 and 2009) scoring 95.
“Perry’s” has exactly the kind of juicy, red-fruited, forward, personality we look for in mountain Cabernet. And because this vintage is flying so deep under the radar (we’re the only place you can find it other than the winery), we were able to secure a flabbergasting price on this gem. At a price this juicy, this will be gone in flash. Act accordingly! A case of this one is a sincere no-brainer. *

fwiw :slight_smile:

I think my first wine woot was the juslyn 2005 cab, which was a black tie Wednesday. I still have one in the cellar which might be perfect for Christmas dinner. Couldn’t be a more fitting final woot for me. Thanks for being a great forum for like-minded wine folk, it’s been a great ride.

Just when I thought I was done pushing the button here, wham. This is $95 at the winery and seldom discounted much but I see as mentioned this is available for around $45. They are going through some ownership structure changes I believe and wonder if that is why. Anyway great stuff, not having had the 2014. And Stephanie from Juslyn is thumbs up!

Finally a SC ship to… but for $50 a bottle? Maybe good for the left coast folk, but that is a pricey accouterment to our chitlins and fried okra dining down here, so I’ll have to wait for my Groupon 20 bottles for $49 shipment.

Thanks for all the fish!

Aww come on now. I spend plenty of time in SC. Go get yourself some brisket and enjoy a bottle of this with it :slight_smile:

thanks very much. it’s been a lot of fun.

Have had the 2011-2013 Perry’s blend and have all been very good. The style is typically more extracted and concentrated compared to your typical Mondavi Cab.

Prices in NJ for the 12 and 13’s are around 59.99, so $95 for the pair seems like a reasonable price. 2014 was another quality year in Napa and drinks like a mix between the 2012/2013’s in that the 2014’s are accessible in their youth (like the 2012s), but have some of the depth and concentration that 2013’s have.

The quality of the wine will not be a disappointment at around $50 a bottle.

I can’t. But dang, this looks gooooooood.

This wine woot farewell has been a pocket book buster, to say the least, and it’s not over yet. Whew!!

Man I really want this! :slight_smile:

So buy it! I was out shopping all day doing the brick and mortar thing so haven’t pushed the button yet. Going to see what I spent and hopefully there is a hundred bucks left for moi. I signed up for woot in '11. Never bought a ton of wine.woot but still think I’ve pushed the buy button more in the last 4 months than in the the first 6 years.

Last wooter to woot: moi

Sparky or Ron - interested in 1?

As you have done I have bought more wine from Woot in the last 3 weeks than I have for 4 or 5 years, and I also buy from other sites and space is gone. I don’t want to end up like some people I know with boxes lining my floors :wink:

Ahh screw it I will buy Last wooter to woot: tytiger58 you are now officially a pain in my neck Kaolis :slight_smile:

Coincidence the upgrade on UC today is Juslyn Cab Sav $2k+ case? That makes this blend pair look more tempting.

We’re not fans of it either. We need a basement :slight_smile:
I’m shuddering in anticipation of all the Wellington arriving tomorrow.