Just a wee hello...


I’m back, not that anyone’ll remember me…well perhaps KT and pooflady…Just moved to Colorado a week ago!!
How is everyone doing??


From Minnesota, right? With a large number of children. And you’re an interpreter.


I do remember . . . thank you for complimenting my kitchen!

(I’m cheating here)

Bienvenue en arrière. Il est très bon de vous revoir.


HELLO FRIEND! (Geez, I almost typed “FRIED”). Hmmm, indeed.

Congrats on your move, I hope?

You are getting further and further away from your motherland. :wink:

And I wish I were closer to it! LOL!

I hope all is well…and wondered how your website was…still running? Maybe you could send us a link so we can catch up with all of your activities.

Tara Chuck! Via la UK.


Well thanks you three!

For some reason I sometimes get a totally blank screen when trying to reply…today seems to be fine…sigh

Yes I still blog at www.kameleonkarma.com, KT.

Yep, I have 5 kids Pooflady but 4 don’t live with us. Used to be an interpreter. Not really looking for work yet, just got to Colorado Springs 10 days ago.

Oooh I’d like that Roomba…sadly no cash at the mo. Dayam! Maybe it’ll come around again and then I’ll nab one. Pfft!

What good ‘posts’ (games) can I reply to…Hmmmm…Have to look around.

Ta ta for now!


Trust me, the Roomba will be back. Again and again and again.


vroom, whirrrrr, vroom, whirrrr