Just 'Chu It

Times have sure changed… I can remember when our family had a pocket monster… it was a dwarf hamster who looked cute, but liked to nip you when you tried to pick him up.

Congrats to you, BlairJ! :slight_smile:

PS. I notice that there is no link to Blair’s tee shirt catalogue, I hope that gets added in.

Someone must have heard you because it’s been added. :slight_smile:

Electric + bouncy

Oops. I read this as pica. Guess I was looking to be offended. I need to start pokemoning.


Come on guys, expand your sizes for tank tops, this is a bummer.

what a smart t-shirt here! Awesome :smiley:

This shirt runs SO SO SO small. I got a Woman’s Large which is, in truth, more of a small. I usually wear a medium if I want a little tighter fit and a Large if I want room to move. I would be sending this back if woots return policy wasn’t so terrible. So I guess I will be squeezing my normally sized torso into this Chinese finger trap and not wash it until it smells like a wild pikachu. If you are a true large or XL, just skip this all together

Did it arrive differently than what the sizing chart says? Shirt.woot has a link to sizing charts posted on every shirt page.

No thanks to vanity sizing in the past two decades, sizes differ between brands – and that’s for both genders. In AA, I usually buy a men’s large, but from other places, I could be ordering medium or XL to get the same fit.

Narfcake is correct. If your shirt arrived and its measurements are different from the size chart please contact customer service about a replacement. Pro tip: a photo of a tape measure and the too-small shirt will be very helpful.