Just Keyboards

Ordered the Das with MX browns last time they were on here. It’s easily worth the price.

Did you order it primarily for typing, or for gaming? I’m trying to decide between blue and brown (I have a red already) and have seen mixed reviews on which is better for typing.

I work in IT and use an Anansi KB (and a Naga Mouse) at my desk, it makes life so much easier to have separate keys for dedicated macros for my most used commands. Remoting into a PC and being able to press a button that takes me to “C:\windows\system32” rather than having to type it out every time is a godsend. It’s likewise for our ticketing system, I can create a ticket in a few seconds rather than a few minutes of me constantly putting in the same info manually. I’d recommend either to any IT person for work, not just for gaming as your productivity shoots way up once you get your configuration set, and if you need to change your configuration as systems change/update, it’s incredibly easy.

The “MAC” keyboard has a windows logo button on it, huh?

How can I make this work for a Mac?

Yeah. We asked the vendor for new images but no luck. They’re not easy to find on the internets either.