Just Kitten

Ordered one for my coffeeholi… umm… I mean Lovely wife a few minutes ago, and checkout page showed ship date of 4/16.

Anyone know why there’s a 15 day delay in shipping these?

Just curious…

Right??!! I ordered one as a gift and I’m kind of aggravated that this little tidbit wasn’t noted somewhere.

For Shirt Plus sales, they aren’t printed until the sale ends. Basically, they’re print-to-order. We do show the date they’ll ship at the bottom of the event. Not the greatest place but it’s there. And also in your cart before you check out.

Hope that helps explain it.

Wait, NOW I’m confused.
Do you have a limited number of blank shirts or something? I wanted to order specific child sizes but they already show out of stock. I thought it was because you pre-printed the shirts but were already out of those sizes.
If you wait until the end of the sale to print, why is there a limit on certain sizes :(? I mean, how can you not have a huge stash of shirts of the same general color laying around some where?