Just Kitten

What? No Copurrnicus?


day again!**

YAY kitties

I know, right?? Stares menacingly at a certain art director O_O

Aahh wish Nyan’s Dream came back as the remix on purple! I’ve been waiting on that one, missed it last time.

Putting in a request!

Soooo … another catshirts side sale tomorrow? And another one next week? =^.^=

Moar purple catshirts!

If that is the case, I have many cat designs (as the “neko” in Jasneko might hint at) that would love to be featured:)

Noooo!! I just ordered 3 shirts yesterday and you add cats today?? NOT FAIR, WOOT!!!

I want the Catffeine mug to return!

Has anyone ordered a print on the ladies tank? Looks cute, but not sure if it is too…I guess girlie girl tankish?

I LOVE the ladies’ tanks! I own one in just about every color they come in. They’re SUUUUUPER cozy and lightweight. And I’m NOT the girliest girl in the world. :slight_smile:

Love the Schrödinger shirt. Bought it long ago. However it seems to have shrunk quite a bit lengthwise. Same as another shirt I got from Woot. I’m 6’4" and it’s hard to find shirts that are long enough. The XL sizes mainly increase width.


Your machine may vary, but blanks currently being used shrink way more than the original blanks.

I have S.E. from the original run, and while gotten pretty worn, it’s loss less than an inch from original spec despite regularly washing on hot/dryer dry on high (Ramy shirts are a separate load).

Interesting… My order of “The Blue Box” was lost in the mail and Woot said they could only refund my money because “we do not have any replacements available”, yet here it is in this sale. Go figure.